School fees for David Kawomera

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A week

In October, the 1 % club gave us the chance to create a new task on their website.

We decided to help an intelligent secondary school pupil, who runs the risk of not being able to complete his education because he can't afford to pay his school fees.

Naturally, there are many more pupils like him, but we decided to start with him and giving him the chance to make a difference in Kisozi.

It takes 500 euros or 750 dollars to complete his last two years, his A levels, at secondary school.

The new school year start in February 2010.

Help from the 1 % club and neighbours on Nabuur is welcome and appreciated.

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Hi Joanne,

Thanks for the reply! Actually, we hope that after these two years there is a possibility that he can get a scholarship. Don´t know if that possibility is actually there... He is in a day school in Kisozi. He did acitivities for the school in the past through which school could help him a bit, but when talking to David, it appeared that after his o levels this could not be continued. Sure, we are trying to think of the future too and that is why we run the goats project, so that kids can eventually provide their own school fees. We are planning to give out 24 goats around christmas time. Unfortunately, at this moment, not all kids can provide yet for school fees themselves, and that is why we feel we sometimes need to give hand this way. But indeed, we are trying to think of a long term plan instead of continuing to give money and money and money. Thanks for the document you included.

Eddy and Esther


Hi Eddy, here's the website for David's school to use and actually you could contact them on behalf of the school after you discuss it with the headteacher so that it is clear from the begining that you are doing it for David and others who benefit, it will be a lovely bonus. Also you can use it for your school. I have seen that you got some projects kind of like that already.

Good luck
Yours in Service
JIS Birungi


Hello Eddy, hope all is well with you. I appreciate what you are doing for David and given the urgency in his need at this point in time. However, ma only concern is, then what will happen when he finishes his A level? Is he in a day school or boarding school? which school? If you et us know, we can may be search for some orgns which the sch can join so that that young man who is able can have the opportunity to do some tasks at sch in exchange for sch fees. Definitely ensuring that he is not exploited by the school at any one point. However, in the mean time, you need to look past the now for tomorrow too needs to be planned for. Dont you have tasks for him to do in your village so you could pay him some thing? Because if he is in boarding school, he may need pocket money too. In my opinion, for half the amount of money you are requesting, it would make a pretty good start off of a pig farm that would enable you to pay for many others and also cater for tomorrows needs. Am not saying that he doesnt deserve to be helped, am saying we should think of a better tomorrow too and how to make it happen.
Yours in Service
JIS Birungi


Dear All
The following link may be of help-

E mail -

A fundraising programme in the above charity, may ! solve the problem !