Background: Kiyuni Parish

Project background

  • On 8 June 2011 SLINT-Uganda in partnership with Operation Groundswell (OG) launched the Butikiro-Kiyuni Solar Home Lighting Project.

  • Sustainable Livelihoods International Uganda (SLINT-Uganda) launched a “Gayaza Fruit Tree Growing and Community Forestry Project” in 2009 being implemented in Gayaza sub-county, Kiboga District in central Uganda.

  • The Gayaza Organic Beekeeping Project is a rural pilot project being implemented by Sustainable Livelihoods International Uganda (SLINT-Uganda).

    It is building on the traditional experiences of rural farmers in Butikiro village and surrounding areas in Kiyuni parish, Kyankwanzi District in Uganda by empowering them to adopt to modern beekeeping practices in order to improve their incomes without compromising the environment. This is being done through inter alia, facilitating farmers access to modern beehives and other inputs, training and technical advice.

  • The Fruit and Vegetable Growing for Sustainable Livelihoods Project is a one -year project being implemented by Sustainable Livelihoods International Uganda (SLINT-Uganda) in Butikiro village, Kiyuni parish in Kiboga district. The project aims to empower 50 poor resource farmers to upscale agricultural production for improved food security and income generation by promoting fruit and vegetable growing.

Village facts

  • In working with the communities in Kiyuni parish, Gayaza Sub-County, Kyankwanzi District in Uganda,

  • Contributing to the implementation of and complementing the efforts towards achieving the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly goal 1; on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and Goal 7; on environmental sustainability equally leads to the attainment of other MDGs.

  • Community Mobilisation is a key step in starting a journey towards achieving sustainable livelihoods. We hope you do agree with us.