SLINT-Uganda Hosts Student Volunteers from Canada and USA

In July 2010, SLINT-Uganda ( ) hosted 17 student volunteers from Canada, USA and Kenya who were on a study visit organised by Operation Groundswell, an organisation based in Canada.

From 7th to 10th June 2011, SLINT-Uganda is pleased once again to host 14 volunteers.

The objective of the study visit was to provide an opportunity for the volunteers and local people to share knowledge and learn from each other's experiences and innovative ideas about their livelihoods activities. The visit also provided a platform for intercultural interaction and mutual learning among rural farmers in Kiboga and the volunteers.

The volunteers visited and interacted with more than 20 farmers in Butikiro and Kiyuni villages. They worked on the two community tree nurseries; worked on the establishment of two school tree nurseries at Nankandula and Kyamulalama Primary Schools located in Kiyuni and Butikiro villages respectively were more than 500 primary school students participated; visited the two community apiaries and a model fruit and vegetable growing project supported by SLINT-Uganda. The volunteers took part in a Participatory Rural Appraisal session and a Refresher Training Workshop on Beekeeping.

This year provides more opportunities to providing a useful learning experience for the host community and volunteers. A number of sustainable livelihoods initiatives will be launched and or up-scaled. We hope to keep you updated.

Denis Marsha

The Village Chairperson interacts with Volunteers last year.JPG
Volunteers admire a jackfruit tree in Butikiro.JPG
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Volunteers admire a rural kerosen candle.JPG
Volunteers profile a vegetable garden in Butikiro.JPG
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