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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear All,

Donated moments of devoted volunteer.

As it was 9/11, on Sunday in 2011. Fantastic opportunity to meet committed volunteer of U.S.A, Not only who ignored the physical boundaries, but also she crushed the fear that was challenging visitors to travel the country of Pakistan.

Embroidery work.

Dear All,

Some good news to share. After a lot of hard work students have prepared some clothes with beautiful embroidery.

An Update from Adnan & Pictures from the New School

Adnan emailed the following update this morning with the first pictures of Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex at it's new location in Gumbat.

Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex Relocates to Gumbat

The students at Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex recently marked the completion of a successful first year. Check out this update from Adnan Khan for more exciting news from Pakistan!

Some sweet Kisses to Mary Smith, Jennifer Wells, Zandt Maria & Romina Oliverio from Little Angels.

Dear All,

I'm thankful to our great volunteers who're always busy to help our villages.

Thanks to B.I.G PROJECT (Books for International Goodwill)

Thanks to B.I.G PROJECT (Books for International Goodwill).

Sudden feelings of success!!!

Dear All,

Hard work pays regard.


Dear All,

I'm glad to announce some very good news about the recent past.

A few hours drive led me ……

A few hours drive led me ……no where, but to………dirty streets, broken houses & plenty of damages. An unforeseen situation for me which excluded sleep from my nights, which extracted peace of my mind & which pulled out relaxation from my comforts.

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