NGO: Name, Logo & Monogram.

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Dear all,

You may know that we were working in our community from last year. Where we started our journey lonely while opening Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex. Where we were facing number of problems in different shapes but the suggestions of international & national volunteers persuaded us to expend our network & get support from local community.

So we arranged too many meetings with different people of our community. After measuring their thoughts, observing their views, their sense of realization & devotion we came to conclusion that there is a great charm to work on our projects with the support of local community.

In order to work in the better environment our members, board of directors & the whole team decided to register our own NGO. For this aim we thougt a lot & selected the name of NGO & its logo but the board members disclosed their interest to ask internationally from volunteers & all to suggest us through their kind views.

Name of NGO was decided unanimously HOPE Organization which stands for: Helping Oppressed & Promoting Education.

Now we need your kind views about the name, logo & monogram of NGO. Please suggest us as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your kind attention,

Adnan Khan.


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