Support the Development of Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex

Status: Stalled

The Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex was recently opened in Kohat, Pakistan. This school is focused on providing a basic education as well as build vocational skills to girls with a goal of preparing them to compete in the modern world.

Many girls in Pakistan want to obtain a good education. There are many barriers that often prevent this from happening. Lack of money, traditional cultural boundaries & narrow minded interlopers pessimistic mental approaches made them stay at home. There is also the unfortunate threat of terrorism.

After evaluating the dismal conditions of girls in our community, the Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex was opened. We hope to provide a quality basic education through college level education as well as provide training to polish different skills needed to compete in a modern world such as computer training, training in different languages, cutting & sewing classes, etc.

Our project here at Nabuur will focus on how to best meet the basic needs for running a quality sustainable educational institution. We hope to learn much from the experience of others working in this arena.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Just startedReview and Make Suggestions for Edits to our Website22011-04-25 04:16A week
Just startedDiscuss and develop a strategy for income generation for the education centre102011-01-23 13:41Two weeks or more
Just startedFinding Reliable Back-Up Power02010-03-05 14:26Two weeks or more

Step 2

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Needs urgent helpHelp to secure books and computers302013-09-22 19:10Two hours

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Finishednumber of threats for educational institutions & responsibility32009-11-27 17:01
In progressINTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE - A Space for Welcoming & Meeting the Project Neighbours322012-10-23 14:40
Just startedPROJECT ROOM: General Project Information & Updates232010-08-09 10:49
Not started yetHow to Utilize Manpower, What to Prepare, Where to Send, How to Survive? 02010-03-09 19:32