Discuss and develop a strategy for income generation for the education centre

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex just started its programme of teaching English, computer classes and soon sewing and design classes. The centre relies at the moment on private funds of the teachers and needs ideas for sutainable funding in the future.
Selling clothes from the sewing classes seems to be a viable idea for now. Having a cyber cafe using the computers is not possible since the centre risks to be attacked by terrorists in the city because it educates women.
Any other ideas and ideas how to put selling clothes into practice are very welcome.

Hi Adnan,
I just found this ressource on the Reach A Man to Fish Website. http://www.unevoc.unesco.org/fileadmin/user_upload/pubs//iug015e.pdf Maybe you could read through it and especially the different case examples, and find out if any of the ideas could work for your centre. Since you know best what is possible in your context in Pakistan, let's hear if there is anything from the suggestions the document makes that would work. Then we could discuss how to realize it.
I will also have a closer look at it, but you are the man who knows best, so please give suggestions if there are.


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Hi Maria,

Hope every thing will be ok.
The link you sent i couldn't open it. I don't know is it my fault, how to open it? OR Nabuur website has some problems.

Kindly if you can e mail it in my account.

Thanks a lot,

Adnan khan.


hi iv just joined your vilage and would like to offer my skills as a resercher and ideas guy...

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Have you tried to teach how to create items for a charge for the lesson on how item is created?

If not this may be a double source of income in that 1) charge for lesson 2) the item created can be donated by the person learning for resale to others and for promotion on the lessons and new learning for people.
Keith Race


i had sort of thought of no. 2 but aimed at adults after school...

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The following is an example of a library project in Sierre Leone. Hopefully you will be able to access and watch the video in the blog because it explains more about the project. A model like this one might be worth considering.




Several days ago, Maria shared a few pictures from the school of some of the younger students with items that have been made by the older students (18-25 years) taking classes. One idea that Adnan had was possibly seeing if the school could find a market for the items made by the students, sell these items and generate some income to help sustain the school. Adnan is very interested in talking more about this idea to see if it may bring about one feasible solution for income-generation while teaching the students business skills as well. I will work on posting some additional pictures so that you can see some of the beautiful items they have made.

Regards to all-


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Wow those look great, there are obviously some very skilled students at the school.

Do people in Kohat buy these items? If so, that would be the easiest place to start selling. That way, you can get experience of marketing, quality control, pricing etc before expanding. Later, you may be able to sell in other parts of Pakistand and internationally.

If selling internationally, you will have to work out the practicalities of shipping. You will also need to provide very clear information on who is making the items, how the money made from sales is split between them and the school etc.

There are groups on Nabuur who sell crafts internationally so it is possible, but finding buyers (either companies or individuals) can be hard work.


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If you are a crafts-based self-sufficiency project in Uganda, we would like to hear from you. Please send us an email detailing the crafts that your organization produces, and we will have one of our Uganda staff contact you. Please do not send samples of product to us directly.



Thanks so much for your comment Ken. I have been trying to help Elamu Ronald who works for Hands in Service. Perhaps you would like to join his village? I have also sent him your comment.

Here is the link to his profile:-

Here is the link to his village:-