Finding Reliable Back-Up Power

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Indiscriminate load shedding times continue to present a huge barrier to offering the planned computer courses at Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex. At the present time, the school has 10 computers on site, but many of the students who have registered to take the courses, were not able to finish the classes due to the lack of a reliable power source.

One option is a generator. The problem with this is that fuel to run it is very expensive in Pakistan. Right now, with the school being in the early stages of development this may not be the best option for a long-term sustainable solution. We need to find a reliable, cost-effective means of back-up power.

If you have experience in this area, we would like you to share your suggestions and provide examples of what you (or others) may have done to address this issue. The goal of this task is to gain assistance in exploring/researching different options so that the school can address this issue in the most cost-effective and reliable way.