Help to secure books and computers

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two hours

To get the centre running and to admit more women and girls, the centre needs more books (especially English language books) and computers for the computer classes.
Help to find organisations that could donate books and/or computers and help Adnan to fill in application forms.

This is what Adnan and his team have already done so far to give you an overview of the state of the centre:

1.a building is rented on amount of RS=18000/=per month,followed with long term agreement of 5years & 10% increment will be there each year.
2. 10 computers are bought (RS=180000/=)
3. 10 sewing machines are bought (RS=60000/=)
4. 100 chairs are bought (RS=130000/=)
5. boards have been displayed into the classes
6. computer lab has been prepared completely
7. office has been made ready
8. preparation of computer lab, classes & other necessary things; amount spent approximately (=250000/=)

these all basic steps are done inside the complex.everything is ready.
now the tasks which should be performed out side the building in order to inform native population & let them come in and be skillful.a few efforts are made:
9. hand papers got printed & distributed in the society (=25000/=)
10. banners are made & displayed in the different parts of city (=30000/=)
11. wall chalking is done in different places (=28000/=)
12. local magazine advertisement is opted (=1500/=)per advertisement
13. through cable channels adds are given (=10000/=)per month
14. big iron boards are made & printed, for building (=30000/=)
15. teachers are sent to government institutions personally they talked to the principals & offered a package to students to join "FJEC" in free timing & develop skills.
16. in community free package is announced for poor,orphans & needy people.


Where you have this:

Students Age:
"Students from childhood to manhood (4 years to 25 years of age) are there to learn."

I would recommend that you clearly state the age of the students attending school at the present time. You explained to me that out of the 15 currently attending the school, they are ages 15-18. If the plan is to begin educating younger students in March once the school is registered, you should clearly state that fact as well.

As Mary suggested, I also think it will be critical for you to discuss security issues at the school. Explain what is being done to make certain the students and/or other community members who may benefit from a lending library will be safe.

Kind regards-



Hi all,
I am very impressed to join here to see how could I help on some issue!Let me study the overall project background so that I may contribute my ideas!Love you all!

Philimon Godfrey


Hi Mary,

Thanks for compliments, suggestions & number of questions.

About numbers, as you asked, "And still not much specific information about the school - numbers etc,"
I hope Maria will be able to reply you because I also discussed this matter to Maria.

About your this statement,
"You have already explained that you cannot have a computer centre on-site because of the risk of attack".
If I remember I didn't say like this because I've 10 computers & also students to learn computers.
If I'm not wrong I wrote that, "I can't run the net cafe for girls" due to the security issue.
About security specially for the protection from suicide attackers in center we've complete data of the students & give them regular classes. Whoever joins the center it's essential to attest from her school.
I admit there are obstacles but we're serving our efforts for the noble cause of spreading education, included computer center.

About romina as you said,
"If you want to use Romina/Nabuur as a reference, you need to confirm with her that she is happy to provide one first".
You're absolutely right here in this matter but I'd like to ask help any one of you three Mary, Maria & Jennifer if you can do something about her permission.

"It can create a doubt either my project is genuine or not".
So tell me the path how to make it sure that is genuine.
Will it be OK the letters we distributed in government schools where we announced our packages & got their signatures & attestations if I scan that for your satisfaction.

Well, plenty of respected people have seen my school but they're unaware of the use of computer & net.
You can have idea about the registration on Nabuur that how many of them are working actively, so far sorry for the reference of Pakistan people.

One hope is produced with the help of Jennifer who introduced khadim hussain to me, who's working in NGO & related field of education but his office is in Islamabad.
He has invited me in his office & soon I'll be able to visit him. But it may take a few days.

Ms Mary in last I'd like to say that I've found my destination, I'm burning the midnight oil for the cause of lighting a candle in the darkness & soon you'll find me in the twinkling stars.

Note: That post was sent by Maria where she clearly stated, "I did already some corrections, but your feed-back would be most welcome before Adnan sents it to BIG Books".

Best regards,

Adnan khan.


Hi Adnan,

Thanks for your comments.
As for the number of students and their age, I would say, just write in the application form, how many students and of what age you have for now.
For Romina, the best would be you write her an e-mail asking her for support for the application form (or did you do this already?).

The security question: I did not fully understand your answer. I think Mary, and I as well, would like to know if security issues would allow to run a kind of public library or not, since you talk in the application form of using the books in a library and to make money of it. Could you clarify, please, and add something on how the security of your centre is ensured to teh application (you talked about a guardian, and restricted access for only students and teachers).

And yes, please if you can, scan the letter you wrote to the government. This might also be good to maybe join to your application to prove that you are actively looking for support.

Please, do understand our comments as constructive. Of course you are free to do what you want, and I'll continue to stress that this is your project. Comments are only meant to advise you.

all te best,


Hi Jennifer,

I explained to you that out of the 15 currently attending the school, they are ages 15-18. Yes, I expressed the same, I admit it but I said, "present time".

You also say, "I would recommend that you clearly state the age of the students attending school at the present time".

Students Age:
"Students from childhood to manhood (4 years to 25 years of age) are there to learn."
It means we have announced the classes for the students "from childhood to manhood (4 years to 25 years of age) they come or not but we have classes for them. If they desire we'll provide them classes in the courses which are mentioned & registered from the concern departments.

Here I'd like to clearly say we're discussing about vocational training center & tuition classes. The project which is waiting for the month of March, it's school. Right now we aren't touching the issue of school.

Best regards,

Adnan khan.


Hi Adnan

Thanks for your reply.

I agree with what Maria has said, that it would be best for you to email Romina and ask whether she can give you a reference.

On the subject of security, I understand that you can run computer training classes for students, but that you cannot run an internet cafe as a small business because you cannot allow large numbers of strangers into the school. Sorry, my wording may not have been clear.

I was asking whether you will be able to run a public library to make money by lending books, as you describe on the application form to BIG Books. To do this, you would have to allow strangers into the school to select and borrow books. Unless there is a way of doing this from another place outside the school, or by lending books to other schools in the area for a fee.

My comments are definitely intended to be constructive, to better understand what you are doing. You seem like a very determined man working under difficult conditions, and I hope you are successful in getting the school fully up and running as I know there is a great need for girls in Pakistan to receive education. The challenge of working online through Nabuur is that we cannot see the projects and people we work with, so are completely dependent on information given via the computer. So sometimes we ask a lot of questions.

I am very pleased that Jennifer has linked you with Khadim and that you and he will be able to meet and talk. As well as learning from people internationally, you will find that you can learn a lot from him and others in Pakistan too, as they understand the local situation in a way that I and other international volunteers may not.



Hi Maria,

What should I write for the number of students?
I'm bewilder should i write 15 students? Which I've right now. Should I write 65? ( 15 present students + 50 students who've taken admission forms). Or should I write some thing else? Please guide me.

About Romina, I've not asked her for support for the application form. I thought that may be you've asked her for this task. Undoubtedly, Romina is a big name. But I'll try to knock the door of her heart if she can do some kindness. I'll be glad if i can get her name on application form.

About security I'm not sure you're asking the situation of our country or our Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex.

If country?
So we filled this application couple of weeks ago. That time condition was terrible & painful.
But now you may know Pakistan forces are busy in operations in different tribal areas & clearing that areas & also having search operations now I think situation is better than previous weeks.I hope soon we'll be having safe & sound situation.

If Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex?
I all ready explained, we've guard & vigilant observation to take care of everything. I'm hopeful we'll be able to manage library tasks comfortably, easily & comprehensively for students, teachers & professionals.

About scan, I'd like to say I don't have scanner right now you know it's expensive but in a few days i'll be able to do something. One more option I'll search in net cafe if they've scanner facility, so it'll make my job easy to send that material.
But here I'd just bring in your kind information that in my post I said, "Government schools" not just government.
Please have a look,

"Will it be OK the letters we distributed in government schools where we announced our packages & got their signatures & attestations if I scan that for your satisfaction."

If I remember I discussed you about two senators of Pakistan whom I asked for help. I'm in contact of them & busy to complete all the requirements which they asked. I think most of work is done but I've to write application if you can help me in it.

No doubt your comments are constructive & helpful to me.

If I'm free & leaded to devastation so then I'm happy to follow the footsteps of you people & will aim to reach to purposeful destination.

I'll mind saying it "my project", I'll be happy pronouncing it "our project".

I'm glad & thankful to you for precious comments & useful advises.

Thanks a lot for keen interest in Kohat village,

Adnan khan.


Hi Mary,

Thanks for compliments.

I think about your all other questions, I've answered in reply of Maria post.

But here I'd like to utter that I'm grateful to you, Maria & Jennifer. The keen interest of you people is supporting me a lot for the cause of solving my problems.
I'm happy & really enjoy while replying you people. In matter of answering the posts & questions I'm getting experience.

If I'm not rewarded from anything else, at least my English language will be improved.

Just describe you about my self, "I'm a common person, with positive thinking, owner of noble character, believe in humanity, prefer speaking the truth, having pain for needy people & serving practical efforts for the purpose of spreading education".

Best regards,

Adnan khan.


Salam Adnan sb!

I'm sory for being online at Nabuur a bit late but I was busy in some other social working stuff. I m glad you guys are moving ahead to resolve the education and skills development issues there. I'm sure in collaborations with respected Ms Jennifer, Ms Romina, Ms Mary and Ms Maria and others you would be able to source out funding. It should be continued. Yours ideas and vision is great. But my suggestion is that you must first stick with one thing and address this first, other things should be in pipelines but step by step.

Regarding my offer in term of helping you to find out a source for fundraising or preparing application, please inform me about yours visit schedule to Islamabad. You also can write me visiting our website: Just write yours message to me and click.

Best wishes,



Thanks Mr Khadim Hussain,

I'm quite happy to see you again with your precious remarks on the stage of Kohat village. In fact I was waiting for your appearance on net, to ask for help in cause of completing application to submit it in government of Pakistan different departments. Personally I've made attempts while knocking the doors of female social workers, who're playing their superb role in the development of women. One of them asked me to provide her evidence, so I sent complete documents to her on Friday & now I'm waiting for her reply. This information I wanted to share you & all volunteers. It's not only me; but Jennifer, Mary & Maria they all stress to get support from you in Pakistan & why not after my round about two months continuous struggle I could find sincere, talented & experienced Khadim Hussain.
I've lots of expectations from you that you can do for the betterment of my native land. Just to discuss you & my all volunteers the number of boys are also coming to quench their thirst while joining the platform of Fatima Jinnah Educational Complex. I'm planning to protect our institute from the hazy thoughts & also to give education to boys while announcing their classes in late timings, how does it sound? Please reply me.
One more task which is done after suggestions, indications & permission of volunteers I've submitted my application.

Good news about application I've got their confirmation in the shape of thanks & they also said they'll inform me about their decision as soon as they can.

This all is done so far in your absence.

Now your question about paying my visit to Islamabad, even on Saturday I discussed to Jennifer that I planned to visit you on Sunday but unfortunately I couldn't contact you & I also didn't have your personal contact number to make you a call & to inform you about my plan.

Just for your kind information I'm quite weak in matter of using computer, I got your e mail address & saved it also but I couldn't find it during the need. I don't know what was wrong?

Kindly if you can e mail me your cell no & phone number of your office & also the address of that office where you are available. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit you in next 3 to 4 days & I'll inform you before coming.

Thanks a lot,

Adnan khan.


im looking into alternate power sources for the pc's but to early to share my idea.

\\ (:~?//=@//@|:->//:0//:)//;)


Another update:

The BIG books application was submitted and Adnan has received a confirmation response from them indicating that the application was being forwarded to the Director of the BIG books program for review. Hopefully we'll hear good news back from them.

Power Source:

Chris-that would be great if you could suggest an alternative power source at minimal cost. Right now the school does not have a generator. Load shedding happens in the area and it does not occur always at consistent times.

All the best-



ok jen, 12v car battery's! the mother boards should run on 12v dc
you will probably need a man who knows about components and soldering.... my electronics skills are old and rusty...
some kind of voltage regulator might be needed and a large C core for recharging
the more complex option would be to make an inverter for the batteries this know to be a lot more power consuming and costly

i found on a forum the price of a new bat was 4800rps / £35ish i would like to use new for stability but im thinking this is not going to be likely due to cost....
but locally sourced 2nd hand from car dealers or scrapyards or even dishonourably attained/donated would work. the downside withold is the v/a might not be high (need a voltmeter to test each bat's output) so more are needed..
and a/the physics teacher to get it working... :D

at the moment do not see any dangers of doing this assuming the wiring is done correctly and out of kids reach and the power monitored when in use.... tho even if you did have a brown out there would be little risk of perminant damage (just lost of work if not saved)

it as a viable option in place of a £650 generator.... a bit more research is needed though.

it would help to know the schedule is for load shedding and if its on for the the early hours of the morning too. - hope fully less power use at that time and for a longer time... i pray...

also see
i asked the boss if he'd like to donate one (u dont ask u dont get..)

2 i have sergested this to the notradme school in uganda

have you thought of trying to twin a school in a "rich" country to attain funds?
I dont know if this is appropriate for you/them but targeting a school in a Muslim faith community may bring a better sense of community on both sides,

it has been a few years since i studied the Qur'an but i remember some thing saying give as much as you can afford to charity or notions to that effect... so i hold faith that this could work.
also it probably sounds "corny" but have pen friends or e-pen fends
this could help with there PC and multi lingual skills.
\\ (:~?//=@//@|:->//:0//:)//;)


Adnan received a response from the International Book Project. They are asking him to complete the following application which is used when the organization does not need a full shipping container full.

"Thank you for your interest in the International Book Project. In order to ensure that our recipient partners receive the types of books most needed, we ask that you fill out an Application to Receive Books. You may fill out and submit the application online at our website. Follow this link to the IBP Application to Receive Books (

Once we receive your application, we will confirm your shipping address and then review your application to make sure that it fits IBP’s guidelines for a recipient partner. Thank you for contacting the International Book Project. We look forward to receiving your Application to Receive Books soon."

The application still needs to be completed and submitted back to them at this time.

Regards to all -




I was with Nabuur from the start but then had to go away :(

Trying to get back :) I will try to "confirm" the things on ground here.

Take care,