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Dear neighbors,

I would like to welcome Monahar and Ramy as new volunteers for Komarok. They are United Nations Online Volunteers and will help John writing fundraising proposals for a bigger school. Monahar and Ramy, please take the time to introduce yourself. Under Project Room at the top you will find the different volunteering tasks, among which you'll also see your task "writing funding proposals". You can use this space to communicate about the progress with your task or to ask any questions to other volunteers.

Please feel welcome. We are glad to have you in our team.



Dear Maria;
Thanks for your welcome note. My introduction is also uploaded on the website. I had sent the following mail to John on July 13th and that got responded same day. Both mails are placed below:


Dear John;

Trust this finds you all in best of things in world around you.
I have registered on the website and it is functioning fine now.

As regards proceedings on Comic Relief application process for
pre-qualification, my views are as under:

1. Comic Relief is a respectable organization with international
stature. Therefore it will attract tough competition from many grant
applicants world wide.
2. Increase in children access, retention and attainment of primary
education is one of their areas of concern. They expect us to define
the measurable improvements in quality of eduction through possible
utilization of the grant and have impact on country's education policy
3. The grant process has option of two stage processing:
Stage I : For research, consultation, planning of a concrete proposal
for grant. For this they consider grant up to British Pounds 25,000.
This is to take actions for research, need analysis, pilot study for
bringing out well thought out proposal for full grant. The period of
grant is 12 months.
Stage II : For actual implementation of accepted proposal involving
grant up to British Pounds 200,000 over a period of three years.

To proceed further on our application now my questions to John and
request for comments / recommendations by all team members are as

A/ Do you consider appropriate that all the volunteers first take up
application for Stage I grant process.Upon being successful, commit
the involvement for one year to come out with concrete proposal in
line with the requirements of Comic Relief OR proceed with the
application for project grant straightway continuing with as partly
filled in ?
B/ Where is the time schedule of July 20th for submission of
application indicated on Comic Relief website?

Looking forward to response to continue further.
Best Wishes,

Reply from John same day:

Dear manohar!

Welcome to komarok village on nabuur.

Thank you so much your input so far.

Like you rightly put, our main area and interest is education and that is the purpose for which i intend that we concetrate.

In my own naivity, i filled the form partly the way it is and you coming on board with such expertise, yiu will surely be of great help interms of advice and how we progress.

Having researched on it the way you have, you are at liberty to make any changes and corrections where need be and let us discuss.

On volunteer commitment, depending on your availability, my opinion is that we all commit to all stages till completion of proposal when called upon to submit.

Regarding the deadline, the actual submission of the prequalification is 25 July at 12pm. I said 20th for the purposes of good timing.

This information is found on the home page of comic relief. You will find all this along side their executive summary which is emphasizing on investing in small and diaspora organizations under their COMMON GROUND INITITATIVE. with Education being their core area.

I hope i have been able to answer you but if you still need further clarification please feel free.

I also call on other members to give their wisdom

Wish you well

Kind regards,


You may like to facilitate response from other volunteers. Another question I have is to let me know whether writing on project projected through web site is accessible to all or only to the volunteers, your good self and John?

I feel that the proposal development need to be interacted / discussed amongst John, your good self and volunteers. Please let us know how to do that on Nabuur website.
Best Wishes,


Dear Monahar,

Thanks for your introduction. It' s great that you were able to register with Nabuur and are willing to help us.
As regards your question for interaction, I agree that this is very important. I suggest that at every step that parts of the documents are ready for discussion, you submit them by replying to the task so that other registered volunteers on Nabuur can see it and comment. The very details of the application we can also discuss by email.
Does this answer your question?