Find web designer to allow online donations to Kyarumba Girls Education Fund

Status: Stalled

Help identify a web designer to finalize the site to make it ready for online donations for the Kyarumba Girls Education Fund.

Inquiring on the status of the project?


Hi Manuel,

Sorry for taking long to get back.
We have made an application to PAYPALL but still waiting for a response, on the issue of a page on which site. I think both ways will work have a page on the kyarumba site, but you can also promote us on your site.

Let me know the next steps



Would you receive funds via PayPal or by another means that is also inexpensive? I wouldn't have much trouble making the WebPage to link to (or put in) your existing website. Or, I can place a new website on my server space, if you need it. :-)

Let me know what you want to do, since I doubt you want to create a page for people to make direct donations (it gets very expensive, since it has to be totally "secure").

Please make sure to send me a private message or email if I don't get back to you, since the posts don't always appear on My Nabuur. Thanks!




Thanks for the Post, fortunately we now have an international account openned on our behalf by Megan Haas. So we can now discuss possible ways of allowing online donations.

In this case a web designer is needed.

Thank you


I think what Kyarumba needs first is the international account that would receive the donations. Then, they can use different methods to get funds deposited there, which is what the web designer would implement.


Does your organisation still need this taken care of?