News from Notre Dame High School

Dear friends,

I am happy to inform you that during the month of March 2012 we got:

1. A grant form an organisation from Wales of 12000 pounds for use to build new and improved washrooms for the boys. We have used the money and accounted for it properly. The project has been completed and the boys at Notre Dame School are currently using the washrooms. The work is so good and every boy is happy as we also bullt a water tank next to the toilet for use for washing hands after toilet use.

2. We also in the same month recieved 2800 pounds as a grant from a friendly organisation in UK, for use to improve the washrooms for the small girls. The work has also been completed and the small girls are using the washrooms.

We thank our donors and all those that participated in the struggle.
There is still some more work to be done and we request for your prayers.

3. Happy also to inform you that Notre Dame High School did apply for the electrification of the villages arround the school from the German Embassy in Uganda and the embassy through its GIZ foreign mission in Uganda has approved Ug shs 840.000.000/= ( Euros 300.000) for the electrification of all the nine villages nearing the school. The GIZ mission will itself implement the project. Once the project start we shall be informing you. But we are so much pleased of this achievement and the community is also very happy.

Christopher Wamala
Notre Dame High School

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Hi Christopher and Mary!

Congratulations to the fantastic progress!
I am very happy about it!
Keep on the good job!
Wam regards,


What HUGE improvements - my warm congratulations to you and your amazing progress!!!!!


Dear frind,
Thank you so much for the encoureging news


Dear Greg,thank you very much for joining our Masaka Village.
You are well come.
We hope and wish we can shear and work together to to try to help humanity.
please visit our website
You will know more about us and what we are doing for humanity
Christopher Wamala


im afraid that above email is spam i alos have had several on the other nabuur village, it is advertising for different products



Hi Christopher and Gillian

Yes Greg was definitely a spammer, so I have blocked him, which removes all his posts from the site. There are so many spammers on Nabuur at the moment :( I have the access to block them, and do so when I come across them.

Christopher, I hope things are going well at the school!



Dear Mary and Gillian,friends
Thank you very much for blocking the spamer.
The school is fine with some problems but as we continue solving.
As every body may be knowing we are still failing to get one to help us build the boys dormitory.But this is to inform you that we did made a massive campaign for making bricks,by the students ,parents to the very poor students and teachers.The program has been going on for the last five months.
The program has been very tiring,with many words spoken against us and the school.Very tiresome to the children and to the teachers.
BUT we kept a deaf ear and we continued,whereby even some five students had to drop out of school because of this very hard job.Every day before class people had to make some bricks or mixing the soil where we can make the bricks.
Water is not enough and collecting water from far was also very tiresome.
BUT,the project has been completed,and we have managed to make 30.000 bricks and we hope these bricks may be enough for the dormitory for the boys.
All of us must have a belief that we must also work or contribute something if we want friends to help .
Now we can talk and hope people will listen to us while having something.
We call upon well wishers,friends all over the world to come to our help and help us build the boys dormitory.
Whoever may have information that may lead to a kind person or organisation to attend to this cause .
For God's willing we shall build the dormitory.


Hello Christopher

Thanks very much indeed for sharing all this with us and it must have been hard to do. I am with you in spirit and thoughts and all at Masaka. Your efforts will surely be blessed and your mission completed. I have attached an application it has to be finished by 30th Sept but it is very short and doesnt have to have a lot to it. I can even help if needed. The form is the same one for 2012. It is worth applying anyway. How much is needed to complete now you have bricks?

Best wishes

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Hi Gillian,

I've removed the message and blocked this user.
Looks like you run into spam messages quite often. Unfortunately there is not much we can do to prevent this kind of messages. I could give you some extra rights to remove those messages yourself though (with one click, just as you report them now)

Let me know if that would be helpful.


Hello Pelle

nice to hear from you, that would be good as i have seen quite a few recently. I hadnt meant my message to be so short it sent to soon for some reason. I ust like to remove these as soon as possible as there could be bad links or anything and i understand theres nothing else to do but nuke them!

Best wishes and thanks

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