Create a Website for Notre Dame High School

Status: Finished

Dear Sir,Madam,friends,
We are requesting for friends to help us write/design or create a page for which we can use to fundrise money for building dormetories,one for the girls and another one for the boys.
The information,for this project is on this website.
Christopher Wamala
Local Representative

Christopher would like very much to have a website constructed to feature Notre Dame High School. The purpose of this website will be to showcase the work that has been done at the school,as well as the projects that are ongoing-such as the dormitories. It will also help provide valuable information to prospective funders and help solicit individual donations.

Christopher feels that this will serve as a useful tool to which he can direct people when writing funding proposals to demonstrate the good work the school is doing.

For this task we need to:

1. Discuss cost/maintenance issues-who will house and maintain the website? Are there free options out there that would work?

2. Decide what content areas the website should have.

3. Write content for the website.

4. Discuss the best options money transfer and accepting donations online.


I would like to help you write up content for the website for Notre Dame so that you can get the funding - but I do need a lot more information. Is it posted on Nabuur?



Hello Meret-

I think that you will find a lot of information already posted to Nabuur about Notre Dame High School. I am sure though that you will probably find it necessary to have more. As a first step, I think writing a good introduction to the school, and possibly a history of how it was started would be a good place to start.

Given that, can you look over the project pages here at Nabuur and see what you can come up with? If you find that you are missing specific information, please ask questions here in this thread so that we can get it for you. I know that when I spoke with Christopher, he provided quite a bit of detail about the high school which I have posted in the Project Room. If you have not had the opportunity to read that, it might be a good place to start as well.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping with this task and welcome to the team!

Warm Regards-



Dear Meret,
Thank you very much for that good decission.
As Jeniffer has informed,all is posted,but we can provide all that may be further needed.


Hello Jennifer, Christopher & Meerit,

Once you are done with the content, let me know if my hands on the web would come handy. We could start with a blog like design and then migrate to a full design.
Since i own a server, hosting should not be an issue.

Daniel Robinson


Thanks Daniel! Having a blog for news would be a good idea. We would also like some pages to hold general information about the school. And it would be great if this could be done in a way could easily be updated by Christopher and others.

Hi Meret, how are you getting on with creating content for the site?

Do you think you two will be able to work together to get the site up and running? If so that would be great!



Today a group of students from a school in Holland expressed an interest in creating a website for Masaka as part of a school assignment. See under the Introduce Yoyrself task

We are still waiting for a final decision from them as they have another idea for an assignment too. Once they decide, we will post under this task to let everyone know.

Meret, if you have started working on content for the site, please let us know.



Yes, we would like to create a website for Notre Dame High School,
If there are other volunteers for that task, we would like to meet them.


Michael Mackloet
Fabian Orgers
Eric-Jan Troost

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Hi everyone!

I am very pleased that you have decided to take on this task!

As you will see from Jennifer's post further down thr discussion, there is a lot of information about the school on the site. Christopher will be able to provide you with more information if you need it.

Ideally, we would like a site that it is easy for others, including Christopher, to update. Once you have some basic ideas of how you will structure the site, what information you plan to include, please let us know.



Dear friends,sorry not to have communicated for long.
As i had wrten ,we have been very buzy planning for the charity walk that was conducted last sunday.
The charity walk was meant to further fundrise for money to contiune building the girls dormitory.
Happy to let you know that it was very successful.
We were able to aquire 74 bags of cement,some bricks ,some promise for sand and some money,both in cash and in pledges.
Happy to inform you that what we aquired will be enough to build up the the wall plate.
Now what is needed is money for roofing and plastering& furnishings.
Thank all the advices we have been recieving fro all of you friends and well wishers.
Dear friends we are waiting very eagery to seeing the website created.
Should you require more information,please,feel free to inform us.
God will continue to bless whoever that is deciding to help us.
masaka village


Hi Christopher

That is great news - sounds like a huge success!

Do you know how much money you will now need to complete and equip the dormitory? Given how far you have got already with relatively little money, I am wondering if you overestimated the costs originally?

Given your current success locally (I am very impressed!), you may find that you are able to raise the rest there too, either as money or as donation of building materials and equipment.



Thank you so much all of you for the support and advices you give endless in this community
it's my prayers that everything goes well in Jesus name.
God bless
Pastor Fred.


Hello friends,
We had used the drafted plan and the bills of quantities issued to us.
We hope we are working on the extimets though a bit lower .
Let us use whatever is available and by next week we can tell exact what is more still needed up to completion.
Theb builders are now building.
Thank you and friends for the advice and for the support.
Hope to post a photo oof the work done so far next week.


We’re creating a site for Notre Dame High school

What do we want to place on this site???
• The history of the school, for example: dates of important things, recent activities ect.
• Fundraising: raising money for Notre Dame High School.
• What subjects do they have at Notre Dame High School.
• Pictures: some nice pictures of the building, teachers etc.
• Maybe an area on the site for students only, for checking their notes and stuff like that.
• Some info about the dormitory

1. But: is it possible for the students to log in at the site? We mean; are there enough computers for the students and do they have the knowledge for it?
2. But: do all students follow the same course at school.
3. What are your ideas by creating a site for fundraising exactly?
4. We would like to get in contact with the person who offered to provide access to the Internet.

Michael Mackloet
Eric-Jan Troost
Fabian Orgers

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Hello Michael Mackloet
Eric-Jan Troost
Fabian Orgers
Thank you for the work started.
1.The person who promissed to provide access to the website is called Daniel Robinson.
2.subjects can be found in the project proposal posted on nabuur website including other information {English,Biology,Physics,History,geograph,vocational subjects like machenics,,building,commerce,computer studies,Religius education,Economics,Devinity,Health science,mathematics,etc}
3.All children do not know how to use computers.We only pocess one computer at school.But we hope to start computer stidies next year for both teaches and children.
4.We shall provide nice pictures of the school next week,but many pictures have been posted on nabuur website.
May you please,get in tourch with Mary and Jeniffer to help and forward the information to you.
The budget for the dormitories is also available.
The photoes for dormitory work will be provided next week,including those ones for the children at school.
Hope i have answered what you wanted


Michael Mackloet
Eric-Jan Troost
Fabian Orgers.
In the beginning,we did make a chat with Jeniffer and a summerry was made out of our chating.
Hope as we cannot locate it Jeniffer can relocate and provide the information to you.
Jeniffer and Mary hope can relocate what the info that is needed now,its on that that we can add and make out updates.
Thank you very much.
masaka village