A visit to Sewage Village

Josphate,The LR of Sewage village is working a round the Clock to help
children who have not been absorbed in schools in the sewage estate of Nairobi.

My visit to the Sewage area two weeks ago tells me and other volunteers around the globe that we still have a long journey to goin order to help the less fortunate of our societies Josphate says that it was after meeting desperate children while still a teacher in one of the nearby schools that moved him to start this school amidst a lot of challenges.Josphate operates the school from a rental corrugated iron sheet structure(shack) with the help of 4 volunteer teachers.To hold this children at school,he struggles to provide a meal for them as many of them are said to have come from poor back grounds.At present,the school is helping over 70 children most of them being vulnerable.
I have no source of income however I have to see that things are going on and children are getting what they deserve from us,says Josphate.The facilities he has include a few desks,a kitchen an office,and donated text books.He operates from 4 rooms which are earthen floor.This poses a danger of children being attacked by jiggers.The greatest need for the school children is lack of waters,says Josphate.I managed to take a few photos which I have featured here.Josphate is an inspiration to the community and the work he is doing is very commendable.He needs much support in order to bring his dream to great limits.Good work Josphate!keep it up.
Mathare Village

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Richard -

Thank you so much for providing this update. I always get excited to see representatives of Nabuur projects visiting one another. There is a lot to be gained from that. Thank you for sharing pictures of your visit and adding your own insights with regard to things that can be done to improve the school for the children who attend there.

All the best-