Help to build a secondary school for Matopeni children!

Status: Finished

The very first children who had got a primary school education at BCC in Matopeni sat for their K.C.P.E (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) examination in November 2009 and their results were very good.

Stephen Okwaro the local representative for Matopeni school project and also headmaster for the school wrote on 31st December 2009: " I would like to share with you the joy that has come our way after the results of our first class/grade 8 candidate for the year 2009.Remember this was the first national examination that B.C.C children did and we are glad to inform you that generally they wonderfully done well and the possibilities are they may be invited in good Secondary schools to continue with their secondary school studies"

Now after a couple of months is the situation not so hopeful for the the former class 8 candidates. Two girls and one boy could join a secondary school thanks to their sponsors, but the resting five children couldn't join any secondary school because their guardians couldn't afford the school fees. These children have nothing to do and they just stay at home at often bad guardians who might force them to criminal activities like to return back to the streets, prostitution,stealing and so on. There is no job for youth without any further education.

If we don't keep working on a secondary school will these fantastic young people go loosed and forced to choose a way of criminality.

A classroom for form 1 has already been completed but still it is impossible to start form 1 class for former class 8 candidates.Simply because the school needs enough text books for reading (after the decree in the Kenyan syllabus). The school also needs desks for the students and well equipped laboratories for Biology,Physics and Chemistry.Otherwise the Government may not allow BCC to operate the school.

After a visit at BCC and considering the situation with Stephen he suggested that the secondary school education must be the next step we urgently need to work for.

All the other task are now on hold and the secondary school project has now a status of "needs urgent help"

We hope very much that you will stay with us also during this impotant process.

I upload the budget plan and the drawing of the planned school. I also upload two pictures of the compound for the school.

Please check them carefully and don't hestitate to ask for more information.

There is compound donated for the school. It would be very important to start the building job at least with a couple of rooms, otherwise BCC will loose the compound.

What is needed at first, is a project plan for the secondary school very urgently.

Please join us to build the school for a brighter future for BCC candidates!

Kind regards,


Land for secondary school.jpg
The border of the compound for
The proposed Boston High school plan.JPG


Reporting for Duty Ma'am !! I will do the plans later in the month as soon as the holiday season arrives. I am a bit busy at work for the next couple of weeks.




Hi Ron,

Thanks! I am very happy to hear that you will do the plans! Don't stress! We will be greatful if you do it when you can! Your plans used to be so very well done! But you must also have some Christmas holiday!:-)

Kind regards Ildikó


Please read the LR's message below:

Dear Neighbors and Friends, Sponsors and Supporters of B.C.C,

Receive greetings from Boston children centre hoping that you are still fine. The year started well with us here in Matopeni. I would like to update you on some of the projects we have this year with a lot of emphasis on Secondary school project besides Borehole water project. As you know we started working on B.C.C Secondary school project late last year after getting some funds from 3 of our individual sponsors. It’s our wish and desire this year to finish building this school so that on 2nd January 2012 our poor graduates of this year 2011 from primary section can continue with their studies without financial limitation. At the moment we have built the foundation stone of whole rooms needed and laid the foundation slab on 5 rooms this follows the funds we received from individual sponsors. Even though our dreams and desires are to build this school within the REMAINING 11 months of this year 2011, we have a major concern on how we will raise the funds needed to build the remaining part to call it a complete project come December this year. At this level of time we have no body or organization that has pledged to fund the whole project or part of it and so we are in total darkness to know whether our dreams shall be realized. For the project to come to the completion we still need to raise up to 3,229,364.27Ksh. Given the financial crisis that many countries are going through today we know getting such money at once might be a big nightmare to many of us hence we can do it in phases just like we did with the primary school project (construction of one class after the other until we finish building the whole school. We may mandatorily need to build 3 rooms and 3 toilets( 1 for girls,1 for boys and another one for teachers ) in the first phase before children are allowed to move into the facility end of this year.This can be followed by other phases until the whole project gets finished.

It’s my plea to you brothers and sisters, volunteers to join our fundraising process for the Secondary project especially for the first phase of it. You might be knowing a funding organization that you/we might approach to ask for funding please let us know of it or go a head and approach them on our behalf. We have a proposal full of information about B.C.C and its environs that was developed by one of our sponsors. We are also on Facebook (Boston Children Centre). Invite your friends and share with us your good ideas and suggestions.

Let us all work together for the completion of this wanting project!

Regards and God bless you all,


P.S. I tried to upload the proposal, unfortunately it is too big (even as ZIP-file) for Nabuur, but we manage to send it through mail. Please contact Stephen or me if you would like to get it.



Hello again,

Thanks to Mary we have now a reduced file to attach this time. Please, check the BSH proposal below.

Have a nice weekend.
Kind regards,


Dear Friend on Nabuur,
As Matopeni facilitator has put it, we are in the process of fund raising to build a secondary school for Matopeni children.Already some individuals donated certain amount of money of which we used to raise the foundation stone and the remaining amount has not been raised and we are seeking for it. I have attached for you a pictures showing activities of laying of foundation stone.


Foundation wall coming up 1.JPG
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Dear Matopeni friends,at one time lwrote to yOur faciltator and gave her a certain charity that may be could help,for us we did not get the chance to be funded but you could try and see.
Check with your facilitator.


Dear Christopher,
Thanks for forwarding to our facilitator a link of a NGO that could possibly fund us! We will try to contact it soonest.

Neighbours, is there any other organization that you may be knowing? are you good at fund raising? please we urgently need your help towards fund raising to get funds that will enable us build B.H.S.

Join us and lets hear from you,