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[quote]The main objective of the Partnership for Child Development (PCD) is to support countries, particularly those included in the Fast Track Initiative (FTI), in attaining their Education for All (EFA) goals by increasing the quality and number of programs promoting access to education for all their children.

In pursuit of its objective, PCD seeks to improve the implementation of programs with particular emphasis on school health and nutrition, prevention and mitigation of HIV/AIDS, youth at risk and increasing access to education for orphans and vulnerable children including those with disabilities.

PCD’s global mission statement is “to improve the education, health, nutrition, and psychosocial status of the school-aged child in low income countries, with a particular emphasis on girls.” PCD is the lead technical organization in school health and nutrition. It provides technical support to the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team working group for AIDS and Education (IATT), and has
developed a uniquely extensive network of technical partners.

PCD provides technical support to accelerate the education sector’s response to HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, assisting both the UN FRESH (Focusing Resources on Effective School Health) partnership and the UN IATT initiative.[/quote]


Dear Romina,
Thank you for your information.All in all we wish her Quick recovery.

Weldone for your research the link you have given seems of help especially to our feeding program in school. I will try to send a letter of inquiry to see if they can help us.However we managed to organize Christmas celebration for our pupils amongst those that attended were church members and staff.The first picture attached shows Children taking adrick,the second,children eating and the third shows some of the church members that atteded the occation.My sincere thank goes to you Jonathan for making the event successful through your contribution.The bible says, those that gives to the poor lends to God and they shall rip abundatly.

Iam very much wordering what might have happened with the CDs i posted two weeks a go now that you have not recieved then.What i did iused the cheapest way posting it of which we can not track it.Unlike to Fedex of which although very expencive but on time.Fedex Charges minimum of 4260/= aproximately $62


Last I checked the CD had not yet arrived, :-( But our postal service is disrupted by Christmas when things close down for a few days, so i will check again in the next day or so when things get back to normal.

Fingers crossed it will be waiting there for me!! :-)

Happy New Year - looking forward to being able to get some funds rolling in in 2007! :-D



Happy New Year, everyone!

I think I remember seeing a file with a copy of the Boston Self Help Group's registry?

Can you guys remind me where it is?

Thanks! (and save me some figgy pudding!) ;-)



Hi Manny!

I've posted this over in the fundraising action, but just in case, I've attached the registration doc here as well for you. Hope this helps!

Chrissie :-)


[b]Hi All! This is a copy of the newsletter I have just sent everyone. Check those inboxes - or those spam filters, they have a habit of collecting there for some reason .... :[/b]

Hi All!

Well, this is our very first offical newsletter of 2007 - welcome back all after the traditional festivities!

Now that the turkey and mince pies are all but a distant memory, we all need to make a few New Year resolutions that are not easy to break and it's a lot easier than you think!

We're rolling ahead with the school, but we now have a few tasks that we need to complete to move it forward further so that we can start thinking about the actual building! Below I've put together a set of tasks: take a quick look, there might be one that is right up your street! Each task doesn't take long at all to achieve. Please either email me ( ) or post on the actions if you can do one of the tasks outlined:

1. Spend 15 minutes to fire up your search engines online and find examples of budgets templates that we could use in our Business Plan. Post any examples you find on the Business Plan action!

2. Are you someone with a head for figures? Have you ever built a budget before? Email me now if you a few hours over the next few weeks to help build our budget!

3. Spend 15 minutes to fire up your search engines online and find examples of funding proposals we could use to help fill out funding applications or use as a supporting document. Post any examples you find on our Business Plan action!

4. Are you a budding journalist? Why not help us put together a quick email we can sent to existing organisations to find out when their funding rounds are! Doesn't have to be long, just to find out the vital info! Post your drafts on our funding action!

5. Spend five minutes sending out an email to a few organisations and let us know of any responses. Let me know if this appeals as we'll need a team shortly!

If any of the above tasks appeal, please feel free to contact me either through the site or by email: and I'll be more than happy to give you some further information or tips on how to complete your mission!

Warm regards,



Dear Chrissie,
Do you think the authoritative letter is ready to enable our Website go live?


Hi Stephen,

Thank you I received the CD!!
I haven't had time to listen to it yet but will do this week!

Also re the pictures and the batik picture - would you like us to sell these? If so, please provide unit cost for each so that you factor in a profit to go to the school and let me know it, with cost of postage.

Many thanks - will get onto the CD very shortly!! :-D



Hey Lynley this is excellent news! Stephen will be really happy to know it got to you in one piece! It's greally good to know that everything is starting to come together in all corners of our project.

Chrissie :-)


Hi Stephen and all

I found a template that we could use for image consent. I've changed it a bit to reflect our organisation.

Feedback welcome!

Chrissie :-)


Hi Chrissie,

I just altered the consent form a little more to make it more child protection focussed and a bit 'legal-ese'




Hi Lynley

Just had a quick peek and it's definitely better! Stephen - what do you think? Will this be ok to use? Once we have all the forms back we can make the site live. I have a feeling this might be a bit of a mamoth task your end - I hope you have volunteers in your community who can help with the task of getting this organised.

Remember, you will need to make copies - one to go the parent / guardian and the original to be filed with the school. These should be kept for a minimum of 5 years. (i'm quoting mininum for the UK - not too sure where Kenya stand on the Data Protection Act.)

Hope this helps!

Chrissie :-D


Dear Lyn,
Thank you for reporting back on the CD issue.Iwas very much disturbed after the CDs took too long to get to you.but now iam settled.However how is the state of the samples of pictures i send you,my worry is they might be in abad shape after sending them as second hand commodity. do you think they can be sold if we get more?.Although the problem lies on how to get them there but if they are in good shape can we be sending them as second hand as i did?

Costs here in Kenya,
Small pictures each at 1 US$
Batik picture costs 4US$ each
CDs cost 4US$ each

However am not very sure how much i can spend on sending more pictures. For these CDs and pictures i used only 8 US dolars
and posted as second hand commodities thats is why you can see both corners of the envelop is tonned.

Another disadvantage is that the gospel music sang by our Pastor is in Kiswahili (local) language he has not been able to produce any VCD in English and the second CD for the Traditional dance.
Kindly look at it and see if it can be sold while i organize for more CDs basically from School children although expencive but i will try my best to produce them.

Thank you for doing a good job as well. I will try my level best to print and circulate these forms to parents/guardian with the help of steering group of volunteers to sign them all within this week and keep the record as per your instruction.Then inform you on line.Thank you very much for your cooperation.


I have just been enjoying the pleasure of seeing how things come together... this is definitely a wonderful community to work with! :-D Thanks, everyone, for giving me something more to smile about!

Question for Chrissie: what are you making "live"? the website is already live... :-D of course, as I only used the images that are alredy live on

Question for Lynley: are you planning on selling these formally? do you want to appear on the website, for people to order the CD's from Australia? Of course, I would suggest duplicating the disks there, instead of having Stephen ship them, since it can be very inexpensive to duplicate them (check out your local musical instrument/guitar store for information, since upcoming musicians are using a lot of these CD production services).

Stephen: I don't see a problem with music in your native language... the rhythms and sounds of foreign languages (for english speakers) can be quite enchanting. :-D

Lynley: if you use your Windows Media Player to rip the songs into MP3's, and send these files to me, I could make song clips for the website... ;-)

Jonathan: don't have a question for you right now, but didn't want to leave you out! LOL

Love you all......... Manny


Manny, you always make me smile!

I know the site is live (*pokes out tongue*) but we're not going to "officially" launch it and give out the address until we have the forms back - we have plenty of time though until the fundraising begins in earnest so it's not a problem at all ;-) (stands down from her soapbox and takes a big bow!)

Stephen - I think music in your native language would be the best thing! People will truely love it - trust me! I have a lovely CD that a nabuur sent me just recently and it's fantastic to hear music from another culture! Go traditional all the way I say!

Chrissie :-)