Meet the neighbours


Dear Stephen and Ildiko,

Happy new year to both of you - and to all Matopeni's neighbours too! Stephen, I am sure I speak for all at, when I say our hearts go out to all Kenyans: at this very difficult moment for your very special nation, and all its citizens

We are all praying for a peaceful and just solution to the present impasse - and hope that there will be an outcome which can unite all of you: and enable you move Kenya to a better place, united once again, and in peace, going forward.

I also pray that we can complete this noble project by the end of this year - to the benefit of the entire Matopeni community! Best wishes to you all!!!

Warmest regards,

PS My computer has crashed, yet again - so I am currently without my superfast broadband internet access!!! This is being sent from an internet cafe - whose internet access is a zillion times slower than my internet service provider's!


Thank you brother Kofi for your prayer and its my believe that it will be fufilled.Violence has escalleted to most parts of Kenya or can i say in six p;rovinces out of eight.Wealso pray for an end of all this skirmishes.
God bless you so much and may you have asuccefull blessed year 2008,


Dear Brenda,

Welcome to Matopeni! Thank you for joining this village!
Please feel that you're at home. Look around and if you are intrested to know more about the village and the work here ask our LR Stephen or me!

Kind regards from Ildikó


Dear Neighbours and Friends,

please vote! We still need 66 votes!

We must get all the 100 votes we need this time! Please contact your friends and forward the link below!

Have a nice day!

Regards from Ildikó


Dear Aloysius,

Very welcome in Matopeni village! We are very glad to see you here! Please feel that you are at home. If you have questions or you want to know more of any task, please don't hestitate to ask. Both our LR, Stephen Okwaro and I answer your questions as well we can. We have a wonderful team here in this village with many grand "old" neighbours who knows the project very well and we also have new and very entusiastisc neighbours!


Kind regards from Ildikó



Dear Pinki,

Welcome to Matopeni! Thank you for joing our village!I saw you are from Netherland, it's really great! Maybee you know Jacqueline Castelijns? She is also from Holland. You'll find her among our neighbours!

Please don't hestitate to ask if you need more informations. We'll close our old tasks, most of them are nearly finished, but new tasks will come up soon.

Please check our documents and visit also the website You will also find there more information about the needs in Matopeni and the children. You can also see two short films on that site!


Kind regards



Dear Mary,

I am so happy to welcome you in Matopeni! You are already in "progress" - you have already found a lot to do !

Thank you, you are very welcome!

Hugs from Ildikó


Hi Ildikó

Thanks for the welcome!

I am around, but can't promise to always be actively involved as I am a neighbour of quite a few villages so sometimes things get a little too busy!




This is not directly related to Matopeni discussion but I saw it and thought 'wow, what a great idea' so decided to post it anyway... maybe one day something like this will become widely available...


[quote]See-saw to power African schools
By Hannah Goff
BBC News, education reporter

A young inventor is hoping to tap the unbounded energy of children in a playground to power schools in Africa.
Design student Daniel Sheridan has created a simple see-saw which generates enough electricity to light a classroom.

The device works by transferring the power, created by a child moving up and down on it, to an electricity storage unit via an underground cable.

The Coventry University student has won £5,500 in funding to develop the idea.

Power play

The 23-year-old consumer product design student scooped the cash at two separate university student enterprise award schemes and now has enough money to create a working prototype.

Inspiration for the product began during a volunteering trip to a school on the island of Wasimi, south of Mombasa, in Kenya last summer.

Here, Daniel helped to build a school and even did some teaching.

"The number of children we saw there that loved to play, and their energy and their vibrancy, I thought it would be great if I could somehow make use of this," he said.

"They don't have Gameboys and all the rest. They are just so genuine and keen to help - they would grab the wheelbarrows we were working with given half the chance.

"Considering what little they have, they were so inspiring to be around. It really was quite humbling."

When he returned, Daniel did some research into power through play looking at how he could turn this positive and joyful activity into something useful for the wider community.

Light work

And after talking to experts in development, he hit upon the idea of generating electricity through playground equipment and designed the see-saw.

He said: "The current need for electricity in sub-Saharan Africa is staggering. Without power development is extremely difficult.

"The potential for this product is huge and the design could be of benefit to numerous communities in Africa and beyond."

He has calculated that five to 10 minutes use on the see-saw could generate enough electricity to light a classroom for an evening, for example.

Many schools in Africa open their doors in the evening to much older pupils but are only able to light their classrooms with candles or kerosene lamps.

Village dream

However, as the energy from the see-saw can be stored, the owners could decide exactly how they wanted to use it.

He will now travel to a village near to the Ugandan city of Jinja where he will test and finalise the prototype using locally sources parts.

"It would be fantastic if I could get this started as a business or even set it up as a charity.

"Ultimately I would love to design a whole playground of different pieces of equipment that could enough generate electricity to power a whole village."[/quote]


It definately is a great idea. This should be kept in mind, since the availability of electricity may be a problem especially in emergencies or bad weather. The school as well as the village must have some sort of alternative sorce of power. I'll look into it concerning the needs of the school.



Hello Mary and All,

This link is very useful, we must save them. If Daniels prototyp will work, it can be a sensation to solve electricity in village schools. I will keep the link.



Hi Jonathan,

welcome to Matopeni! Thank you for joining this project and thanks for your wish to help the needy children in Kayole and the school building!

We work together for hundreds of children in this Nabuur project.

Have a nice weekend!

Kind regards from Ildikó


Dear Paulina!

You're very welcome in Matopeni! Please forgive me, I didn't seen before that you have joinend Matopeni.

Please if you would like to know more about something, ask Stephen (LR) or me. We answer your questions with pleasure.

Kind regards from Ildikó
Facilitator for MAtopeni


Dear Victus and Trinto!

Please feel yourself at home and very welcome in Matopeni!

Stephen our LR and I will try to answer your questions what ever you would like to know.

Very welcome!

PS. Victus, we'll reply yor questions by mail.

Kind regards and a very nice weekend to you:




Dear Angela Marie and Simon,

I would like to welcome you in Matopeni from my heart. Thank you a lot for you have joined Matopeni. As you will study our tasks and resources you'll see that it has happened a lot in Matopeni during the last 6-8 months. It is still a long way to go untill we have builded and equiped the school. Thank you a lot for you will share with us our project and you will be a part of it.

Thank you and welcome!

Kind regards from Ildikó Stormbom