Thinking caps on at the ready! Which organisations could help with funding?

Status: Finished

********Drum Roll********

Welcome all to our newest action and the one we've all been waiting for!

So, what can you do to get involved? Simple! Put on the thinking caps, fire up your search engines, and begin the research! :-D On a serious note, we need to find organisations, worldwide, that could potentially fund / sponsor our school. At this stage, and during this action all we're going to be looking at is finding the organisations - we'll be approaching them in a future action, so don't get funding happy too soon! ;-)

Chrissie :-)


Tried to sign up with ikobo. The registration form had a problem with my telephone number.

The solution from on line chat support was to use Internet Explorer.

THAT gets a check mark under the BAD column. If you want business, you want to accept any browser.

Jonathan (from inside a Firefox 2 browser window)


Hi Chrissie,
I can start by emailing all of the organisations (the big ones and the other orgs that build schools in Africa, being the small ones) and ask them to provide their applications for funding. then perhaps we could look at the criteria and decide which ones are worth putting in for - does that sound like a reasonable start?

However, I have a few things on just at the moment, as it is not only the lead up to Christmas here, it is also the end of our school year and all the associated concerts, presentations and so on, so I might need a week or so to do this.



Jonathan, I agree with you, but I understand iKobo, too... the specialized software an online bank requires often puts Microsoft in control.... Morgan Chase has online banking... but it won't work with Opera, and has trouble with anything that isn't Internet Explorer . But, since it is a sellers market, we have to choose the best among what we have...;-)

Stephen... to test iKobo for small donations (large institutions can do normal bank transfers), do you think you can get a credit card? Do you have a secure Nairobi address where the card can be sent?




Oh, yes, I agree. And, I was able to register with no difficulty using Internet Explorer. Which means that I have a Windows XP machine and am able to afford a Windows XP license.

I am ready to send a test contribution to Stephen.

And, I still can be offended by the sellers market. I use other web services that also are based upon a closed Windows shop. It doesn't mean I have to like it.



Dear Manuel and Jonathan,
Receive greetings from Matopeni village.Brethren it has been adownfall .it has rained cats and dogs and every where there is floods we have been forced to postpond classes due to heavy rain and our temporary structures cant resist the floods comming from uper part of our village.However Manuel and jonathan
I have a safe secure adress of which the card can be send to "Stephen etoyi okwaro p.o box 70014 code 00400 Nairobi" Alternatively it can be send as a parcel to either Transami cargo handlers or DHL Parcel handlers and i can collect it from their offices here in Nairobi.


Great, Stephen!

And, I agree with you Jonathan, as to sellers markets (I have to use Word...) :-(
Jonathan: since you've started the process, could you make the first donation, and I'll make a second one a week after (hopefully Stephen will have his card by then) ?

This will ensure that small donors can get money to Stephen and the School, whilst (whilst? I'm speaking British!!!) large donors can go the official bank cheque (cheque???) route... :-D

I'm also going to start researching on how to put a link up on a website.

Stephen: my only concern for you is how you can avoid paying taxes on the moneys that come in... that is a local issue you should check on, just in case.



O.K. Manuel. I will be the guinea pig whilst Stephen can report on the result.

I tried to add Stephen to my list and assumed that he was a member.

I was prompted for Existing Recipient Information:

Enter the recipient's IKOBO ACCOUNT NUMBER (ex. "AB123456US")

If the person is new to Ikobo, then I need all sorts of particulars, e.g., address (no P.O. Box), primary email address, day and evening telephone numbers.

How should I proceed?

BTW: I would like to make it a small contribution for experimental purposes.

P.S. No, Manuel, you only think that you have to use Word. Actually, you could use Open Office Writer on Word documents. Still Word is one of the best Microsoft programs, with which I am very familiar.


Hi Guys, it's great to see you're putting together the money transfer part of this action. Good luck, and let us know when he's fully functional! ;-)

Stephen - I think Manuel is right. What is the tax situation from your end? As this is a school account, do you have pay tax on the account (meaning you'll technically lose a small percentage of each donation?????) Not sure how it works in Kenya, but surely as you're registered as a charity it shouldn't be taxed??? Let us know Stephen what the outcome is as I'm sure it might very well be something potential funders ask.....

Manuel Quick thought about large donars (potentially!!) sending cheques: Stephen, could you find out (as well, I know I'm sorry, but you can probably do it on the one enquiry to the bank??) What would be most cost effective so that you receive the maximum donation for the school. Do you have to pay extra for depositing a cheque? Is there a charge for converting it? (I know there is a minimum charge for doing that in the UK and for smaller sums it isn't always worth it) Anyway, let's get this sorted now - it'll save major problems in the longrun!!

All - apologies for my lack of responses this week. I have no access to the internet at home this week so I'm attempting to get on at lunchtimes etc. Should be up and working again by the weekend, so I'll be up to my usual postings!

Now - how is everyone getting on with research of organisations???? Without the research, we will potentially have very few donors to approach - get those search engines warmed up over the weekend - I have a few potential funders we can approach which I'll put on over the weekend (all tied in with the internet at home, so can't put in now!!!)

Have a good weekend all!

Chrissie :-D


Dear Chrissie and all,
IKOBO dont charge any tax.This is according to one of my friends who uses their services.However our school is not charged any percentage on the deposits whether with cheque or cash.But on withdrawals they charge agiven percentage depending on the amount to be withdrawn.Apart from that they also charge legger fee per every month on every account holder with them.But iwill keep on checking incase of any alteration of their regulations and let you know.Why, coz they are out to do business hence change with time

Dear Jonathan and Manuel
My full adress is,
Stephen etoyi okwaro,
p.o box 70014 zip code 00400
cell phone +254721423535 (mobile phone)


"An architecture student in Berlin, took upon himself the cause of ensuring that his village would not be deprived of a school, and with a group of friends in Germany, Kéré set up a fund-raising association

Schulbausteine für Gando

The idea met with a positive response and, having secured finance through the association, Kéré also obtained the support of LOCOMAT (a government agency in Burkina Faso) to train brick makers in the technique of working with compressed stabilized earth*. The project is a recipient of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Ninth Award Cycle, 2002 - 2004."

He says " My presence in Europe has allowed me to look further beyond the horizon than most of my compatriots. Among other things I have realized that school education and training are the basis of any social, professional and economic development."

"The idea is to adapt traditionally temporary clay building methods to produce long-term, climatically high quality results by modifying materials and construction principles."

The author of the weblog, [url=""]Ugo Okafor[/url], is "an Architect with extensive professional experience in Asia, Africa and Europe. His major interests are sustainable tropical architecture with an emphasis on the adaptation of local materials to the built environment." He promotes the idea of construction using rammed earth.


Dear Stephen,

O.K. Let's see what happens using the post office box. I just made an ikobo transfer:

Transaction Confirmation
Transaction is completed successfully. Thank you for using iKobo.

Click here to refer a friend and get a free transaction!

Transaction Confirmation Code
Transaction Date 2006-11-24
Recipient Stephen OKWARO -
Payment Method Visa
iKobo Visa Debit Card delivery method Priority Delivery (3-7 Business Days)
Transfer Amount $13.00 (921.31 KES)
Transaction Fee $5.39 (381.99 KES)
One time iKobo Visa Debit Card Shipping Fee $9.95 (705.16 KES)
Conversion Rate 1 USD = 70.8700 KES

Please print a copy of this confirmation as a receipt of your transaction

NOTE: The charge will appear on your credit card statement as iKobo, Inc.


Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for your great job of trasfering money to us through IKOBO. Despite many school equipments we would like to buy or have .This will help us buy three text books each costing $4 or Ksh280 .I have just received e-mail from them indicating that they have received money from you (Jonathan).O.k lets wait and see if i will get the iKobo Visa Debit Card as they have said to see how efective their servises are.

Otherwise lets try this links as per the action of this thread;
Edukans foundation at


Hopefully, Stephen, with my testing of iKobo after you get the card we will have a reliable way of getting small donations to you... :-)

Meanwhile, I am working on the promotional website where potential donors can find out about Matopeni... (besides the website).

Stephen... one detail I'm missing is: how large are the $3000 lots of land? where are they located?

I am attaching a map I found on the internet.... can you tell me where the school is? Where the police station is? on this map?

Thanks, everyone! We are doing great!


Dear Jonathan Smith,

Thank you for choosing iKobo. Our family looks forward to serving your family's money transfer needs for years to come and helping you keep
"your connection home"(SM).

Here is the summary of your transaction:

* Recipient Name: Stephen OKWARO
* Transaction Date: November 24, 2006
* Amount Sent to their Visa Debit Card: 13.00
* Transaction Fee: 5.39
* i-Kard Delivery fee: 9.95
* Your Transaction Total: 28.34

If you provided us with the recipient's email address, we have notified them of the money you just sent. We have also notified them of the PIN number for their VISA debit card when the card was originally shipped to them.

** SPOILER: Promotional Info Follows **

Why sending money with iKobo is better:
* Sent instantly over the Internet - no waiting in line
* Instant access to the funds via ATMs that are always open - no searching for a store that's open with enough cash available
* VISA debit card allows use of the money you've sent as needed, keeping the rest safe - unlike old fashioned money transfer agents
* System is designed with your privacy and security in mind keeping your account and each transaction protected

If we can be of further assistance to you, or if you have any questions, please visit our Customer Service Center.

Thanks again for trusting iKobo to fulfill "your connection home"(sm)


Jeffrey B. McConnell
President & CEO

P.S. Manny, If that map has coordinates, could you let me know what they are. An inquiring Google Earth user wants to know.


Correction to the one link. And, the curmudgeon in me quibbles with the tag line about helping children with books, films and phtography.

The prediction that books would become obsolete has failed to come to pass; more writing in necessary to explain how to use the confounded things. Nevetheless, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is rapidly and significantly changing how we get information, enjoy cinema and view images.