Thinking caps on at the ready! Which organisations could help with funding?

Status: Finished

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Welcome all to our newest action and the one we've all been waiting for!

So, what can you do to get involved? Simple! Put on the thinking caps, fire up your search engines, and begin the research! :-D On a serious note, we need to find organisations, worldwide, that could potentially fund / sponsor our school. At this stage, and during this action all we're going to be looking at is finding the organisations - we'll be approaching them in a future action, so don't get funding happy too soon! ;-)

Chrissie :-)

"Time is an illusion. Lunch time doubly so."

Note to Benny:



Facilitator C:

Of course. Please use whatever information you think will be helpful to your cause. We want to help everyone!




Facilitator C:

Perhaps, we also could benefit from the experience of Wambaale village?

It looks like they are ahead of Matopeni in seeking funds and have the help of the ubiquitous Mary.

Volunteer J


Dear Manuel,
The community here in Matopeni is willing to sale their plots to the expansion of the school.In otherwords we can get a land as big as we could a ford.If anything we need to get the exact measurement of the land needed,Get the funds ready for the estimated land then aproach the plot owners to buy .Note that all the plots here has the same measurement.This is becouse if we start measuring their plots and drawing plans before clearing we them they may think that we want to grab and they might start rebeling. Otherwise hirering somebody to draw amap here in Kenya (Matopeni) is very expencive it may cost us equivalent amout to that of one plot.Although basing on your suggestion of getting Un official to do the same.I dont know if we can get somebody through Nabuur who could link us to such aperson in the Un offices to help us draw amap as you have said.


Dear Neighbours of Matopeni,
Am new to your village. Iwould like to join my fellow Neighbours in congratulating Manuel for his great job of developing website for Matopeni.Apart from this I would also like to make some observation /suggestion on the page if you may alow me:
 On this wonderfull Website you should have a section of friends of Matopeni Preparatory school. Who would like to support the school programs eg Feeding program or give in-kind donation. My concern here is that, we see these children happy on the Home page picture becouse may be the plates they are holding up still have some food or may be they are satisfied and as far as i know slum children concertrate much more on education when satisfied. How about if the school happen to run out of ressourses and it happens that they don’t have food, can you imagin how their faces will look like? To you Stephen and Chrissie.
 As chrissie poited out if you may use the website to start Distance adoption program (DAP) for the children could be much better.
Those two observations amongst others can assist in the sustainerbility of the school. Becouse the school can not depend on the little school fees paid by the community who are poor.
Warm regards


Hi Jonathan,

This is great news - I will look over the data this evening and try and transfer on to our wiki. Watch this space!

Chrissie :-)


Thank you, Grace, for your observations...
I will create the "Friends of..." Page... :-)
and I will add the subtitle of "Happy Children with the School's Food Program"... or something like this.... :-)

Any more ideas and improvements for me to work on this weekend??? :-D

Stephen: thanks for your observations, too... we can get some flexibility on our plans.... let me verify: if we need (and can pay for) more than 5 plots of land, we could get them?



I have sent emails to 2 of the "big ones" with some information about Matopeni, and links to nabuur and Matopeni. (These were Oxfam and Unicef).
World Vision just don't seem to want to be contacted by email so might have to chase them up by phone.
Will email a couple more tomorrow night, and will report back on any response - Oxfam reckon they pride themselves on getting back to people in 5 days so fingers crossed!


Hi All!

Lynley - thanks for starting to contact the big ones for us. It'll be good to see when their funding rounds are and how they expect applications.

Well, here's a long shot funding wise BUT we do fit the criteria:

I'm going to make contact hopefully before the weekend to find out as much info as possible as they've made it clear they do not accept unsolicited applicatons.

Keep up the good work all!

Chrissie :-)


Dear Jonathan and all Neighbours,
Am happy to report to you that IKOBO I KARD is at home a count Number is "NUMBER DELETED BY CHRISSIE" congratulation Jonathan i will Report back

Hi Stephen

Sorry, I've had to delete the number as this is your card number. Chrissie :-)



That is Good News.

Now Manuel can send a donation as a second test. Hopefully, it will go a little more quickly.

Also, I did make note that Manuel suggested iKobo, but I was the first guinea pig, so was the one to purchase the one time iKobo Kard for you.



Who owns a treasure? the person with a map or the person that finds it?

Jonathan, all honor and glory is yours, since it was either you or Ben who mentioned ikobo on another thread, and I simply brought it over here... :-D I was just a messenger. You, on the other hand, took the idea and ran with it.

Sadly, I'm not as tough a warrior as you, Jonathan, since iKobo wants me to send them proof of my existence... I will keep everyone informed as to my experiences trying to make my own transfer. ;-)



We are each hardened in her or his own way, Generalisimo.

P'raps, the lovely, "Martha Stewart of the Billabong" will oblige us by running the second test.


This is the email I received from Oxfam. I will send them the project plan and answer their questions:

Dear Lynley

Thank you for contacting Oxfam regarding the fantastic work you want to carry out in Kenya. We appreciate you taking the time and effort to send us this information.

Oxfam receives many requests for support and with limited resources, we must prioritise the allocation of our funds. We carefully consider every application to decide whether the proposal meets our overall aims and current programme objectives. We then endeavour to select the most effective, appropriate and enduring solutions.

Therefore, a decision to fund is subject to the approval of your project proposal. I would be grateful if you could send us more details regarding the aims and objectives of your proposal (e.g. a detailed action plan and budget and timescale estimates), to enable us to determine whether or not it falls within our charitable remit.

Thank you again for contacting us and please do not hesitate to get in touch (0870 333 2700 or if you have any further queries. We look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes

Mary Pennington
Supporter Relations
Oxfam GB
Direct tel: +44 (0)870 333 2700
Switchboard tel: +44 (0)1865 473727
Fax: +44 (0)1865 472225


Woo-hoo! You made the first cut.

Er, I mean, I never doubted it for a minute.