Thinking caps on at the ready! Which organisations could help with funding?

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Welcome all to our newest action and the one we've all been waiting for!

So, what can you do to get involved? Simple! Put on the thinking caps, fire up your search engines, and begin the research! :-D On a serious note, we need to find organisations, worldwide, that could potentially fund / sponsor our school. At this stage, and during this action all we're going to be looking at is finding the organisations - we'll be approaching them in a future action, so don't get funding happy too soon! ;-)

Chrissie :-)

Hi Estelle and welcome to Matopeni! I've been away for a while, but am not back so apologies for not welcoming you to our village before now!

Thanks for your links on potential funding. Not sure if you've added them to the wiki, so I'll check and do so over the weekend if needs be :-D These links are really valuable to our research and will come in handy when we look to contacting organisations. (it's one of our tasks on our new website so feel free to sign up for it when it goes live!)

Thanks again for all your fantastic input to date, Estelle - it really is appreciated!

Chrissie :-)



Here's an organizations that could help with funds.

American-Kenyan Educational Corporation



Here's a link to an organization that works in Kenya to help build and equip schools.


Harambee Schools Kenya



Here's a couple of links to organizations that might be able to help.

Book Aid (
They can supply books for students.

Adult LeArning Documentation and Information Network
They may supply funds for schools


Hi Mary!

Another wonderful example - thank you so much! We'll definitely get in touch with them when we start the fundrasing bid in earnest. (I wonder who Earnest is?? ;-) )

Thanks for sharing - you're a star as always!

Chrissie :-)


Hi guys

Can't stay, just dropping this off... it is not going to provide sufficient funding for building the school but may be a source of some support....

Save Africa's Children

They are currently accepting applications.

"How a Grant Works

Save Africa's Children gives one-year grants of $1,000 to $5,000 to faith-based and grassroots organizations providing direct support to vulnerable children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS, war and famine in sub Saharan Africa. Our grants are available to all organizations that meet the basic funding criteria. We accept applications twice a year with Spring and Fall deadlines. Organizations are welcome to submit a letter of inquiry or an actual grant application. Save Africa's Children will contact you when we receive your inquiry or application."

"Grant Requirements

Save Africa's Children, a program of the Pan African Children's Fund, gives one-year grants of $1,000 to $5,000 to faith-based and grassroots organizations providing direct support to vulnerable children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS, war and famine in sub Saharan Africa. Our grants are available to all organizations that meet the basic funding criteria as outlined below. While our primary focus is on AIDS affected children in sub Saharan Africa, eligibility is not determined by race, ethnicity, religious or political affiliation.

Funding Guidelines

As part of a comprehensive strategy, Save Africa's Children seeks to strengthen the capacity of families to care for orphans and expand the first line of defense against the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This includes supporting orphan care initiatives that incorporate the following:

Viable and sustainable economic interventions (such as income generating activities, micro-finance, agricultural support and skills training) to minimize economic vulnerability

Economic support that increases the capacity of families to care for orphans such as assistance with school expenses, health costs and provision of staple foods

Well-organized, community-based volunteer structures that identify orphans and monitor the status of vulnerable families

Legal support to ensure protection of property rights and assets, particularly for widows, after the death of the primary breadwinner

Psycho-social counseling for both caregivers and orphaned children.

Preferred Projects

In selecting projects to support, Save Africa's Children strongly considers:

Church-based entities or faith-based initiatives

Community-based organizations and residential facilities (e.g. orphanages, group homes) that cater to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children

Income generating activities that directly benefit vulnerable children

Organizations initiated and led by African nationals and/or community mobilization efforts

Organizations with activities already underway and with a proven track record

Previous Types of Projects

Save Africa's Children grants have supported the following activities that support vulnerable children:

Education: community schools and educational support (school fees, school supplies, uniforms)

Health: HIV/AIDS palliative care, home-based care kits, feeding programs, medical clinics

Infrastructure: well construction, plumbing, expansion of schools and residential facilities

Training: HIV/AIDS awareness, caregiver training programs, capacity building, anti-AIDS youth clubs

Community-Based Care: support to orphan caregivers and households caring for orphans, day care centers, community mobilization and women's collectives. "


"Apply for a Grant

Church-based and charitable organizations as well as secular programs that are working with children affected by HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa are asked to submit the following introductory inquiry survey. The application process begins with the following steps:

Complete the following Grant Applicant Survey and answer each question listed.

After the survey is completed, submit the survey.

An e-mail will be forwarded to your registered e-mail address, providing next steps.

Your registered e-mail address will serve as your username to log on to the website."



Hi Lynely and all!

Cool, seems as if I got it right first time - wasn't expecting that! :-D

:hammer:SHOUT OUT TO ALL!!:hammer:

Do you have great emailing skills? Why not put them to good use and help us use our email pro forma and contact a few of the organisations on our list? Let me know when you've done it and which one's you've contacted so that we can update the wiki - alternatively, feel free to update the wiki yourself! I'm going to add a few columns that you can fill out to show which orgs have been contacted and what their response is.

It's all getting exciting now!

Chrissie :hammer:


Hi Chrissie,

Actually I think the email proforma is fine as it is... can't think of any changes to put in at all. :-D



Hi All!

Well, better late than never! I've spent some time this afternoon drafting our first draft at the email pro-forma. All feedback welcome - I'm sure it needs a bit of work before it'll be right!

I've also added it as a resource so you can find it easily - i'll keep this updated as and when we get new versions drafted up.

Final deadline for this being completed in next Friday latest, so let's put our heads together and see what we can do!

Chrissie :-)


Hi All!

Well, I'm so glad that we're finally in the process of registering as an NGO (Thanks Daniel for taking the time to meet up with Stephen shortly!!) and that Manny is in talks with the UN in the US.

Whilst all this is taking place, we really do need to get back to the action in hand and move it along!

Manny I've read the project description to be added to all email's going out and it looks good. There a few areas where questions are raised and it looks as if they're questions you're asking us as the group, not the funder? Is this correct? If my assumption is correct, we'll need to get right on top of these questions and make sure our project description is water tight so that we can send off shortly.

All We really do need to put together the very quick email pro-forma we indeed to send to funders with regards to funding rounds. I'm going ot have a look at this this afternoon and would like everyone to look over it, make suggestions of any changes etc so that we can make a start on contacting our organisations. At least that way, once we've registered as an NGO and have our proper bank accout, we can safely fill out those applicatoins and get that funding we desperately need to get our project off the ground in a practical sense!

Ok, email pro forma will follow this afternoon - get those suggestion juices flowing, we're going to get this task finished by the end of this week!

Chrissie :-D


Dear Manuel,
Its my prayer that you succeed in your efforts to find support from UN and am sure Neighbours will be patient to wait and see the results as we try to reach out to more organization that can help


Stephen: I'm glad you are working with Stephen to get your organization formally registered as an NGO... :-)

That is the first step. While you are doing that, I am contacting the UN here in New York, to try to get some advice and support. :-D

But the UN is a big, big, organization, and is very slow to move.... so we have to be patient.



Dear Manuel,
I would like to turn my efforts to see if BSHG can be registered as an NGO with the UN as you had suggested.But what could be the procidure?,do you know what could be the requirements? or anybody ican contact here who could lead me to see this done?.For your information UN offices here in Kenya are tooo.... much protected that without an a pointment you cannot be allowed in and many a time we locals fear from far :-?

However iam organizing to meet Daniel to work some things together on NGO registration here in kenya.

Otherwise we are going on well,


Hi Mary!

Thanks again for your fantastic research! We'll be sure to get in touch with them at the right time!

Chrissie :-D


Can't stay but thought I would add a couple more to your list....

Biblionef provide reading books (not school textbooks)
have projects in Kenya
details of how to apply

Christian Childrens Fund
Work in Kenya

I will add to the Wiki too