preventing malaria

Till you get the mosquito nets, the following precautions could be immediately taken:

- breeding of mosquito larvae must be stopped. Mosquito larvae breed in stagnant water like stored water in houses, water tanks, drains, ponds, etc. All such stored water must be drained regularly wherever possible.

- depending on the breed of mosquitoes, they bite only at certain times of the day or night. One common breed of mosquitoes bites only during early morning around dawn and late evening around sunset. Depending on the breed of mosquitoes in your region, you can assess the approximate time of day and night when the mosquitoes bite, and educate the population about taking extra precautions during these times on a daily basis.

- there are popular herbs in several regions of the world, which the local populations regularly use to combat common problems. Basil is one common herb which is popular in many regions of the world as a preventive for common problems like infections, etc. For every herb there are the usual precautions to be ensured while taking these herbs. Of course allopathy does not recommend these herbs. The herbs are usually part of family traditions and beliefs, and are one of the routes of cheap alternate treatment. You could explore with the local population in case they have proven and successful herbal remedies. However, in case of any doubt, it is best to completely avoid this route.

- municipal bodies are responsible for regular spray of anti-malarial insecticides in the affected region. You can explore the possibilities of activating the concerned in your region.

The above are a few suggestions, but of course mosquito nets are the proven method of preventing mosquito bites in case no other action is taken to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.