Create a template letter to use for contacting organizations

Status: In progress

Write a letter of introduction to use for contacting organizations. The letter should include a brief introduction and project explanation.

Keep a list of the organizatiosns contacted, when the contact was made and the contact person.

We will need an "inquiry letter" to send to the potential organizations. See the file below.

Also- we need to re-start the wiki. In another village I had to re-type all the information, I will be happy to do the same for Mgbala Agwa- once a wiki is started for Organizations. I didn't see one started yet. Yours Brian


Dear Barb,

Can you go ahead and sign up for this task and put together a template "inquiry letter" based on the project plan you formulated from Step 1??? Perhaps Brian's sample letter from his post just below would be a help to you... Also, could you evaluate the possibilities of PEPFAR and the Global Fund as sponsors of this project? And could you explain the other organizations that you talked about in our chat -- I can't remember the acronym... That's a lot for now, but I hope to hear from you -- in stages, if necessary... I hope to have a lot more volunteers to write to the organizations from UNOV...

-- Phil


Hello Everyone,

I have completed a draft letter of inquiry. There are a few points that I need info for (highlighted in yellow). Maybe Nduka can provide this info?

Take a look. I am also posting it in the wiki.



Hello Barb, Nduka and Phil,

As a result of a conversation with a colleague in the media, I learnt about the work of a very special social entrepreneur, Mr. Andrew Klaber, who is attending the World Economic Forum, in Davos, this year.

Crucially, I believe his organisation currently has no partners in Nigeria - so perhaps Mgbala Agwa, could partner them there! The founder is a really brilliant young man, I gather - and the non profit organisation is apparently run by a team of very special and dedicated young people, too.

I am sure that they could be very useful partners to collaborate with - and above all they might be able to point you in the direction of possible funding organisations.

The interesting and unique thing about them, is that they are all volunteers - and they pay for the running of the organisation, themselves: meaning all the money they raise, goes directly to the children they sponsor!

This is the link to their website: Good luck with it!

Warmest regards,

PS Barb, they actually have partners in Kenya - so perhaps you could interest them in collaborating with the Kabondo project, too!

PPS Phil, I am sure that Ildiko and Stephen, would also be happy to collaborate with them, for the Matopeni project, too: and would welcome your passing on the link to them, too!!


Dear Kofi,

I will check out Mr. Klaber's website, and pass it along to Matopeni, SOON!!!

All best,



Bless you Phil - and regards to all!


Just want to draw your attention on these wallpapers:

Maybe you can use them?