Background: Mityana

Our project

Project background

  • Wel-cme to my Angels Nursery and primary school this is acommunity school that needs much support fro commited and wel wishing volunteers like you.

  • The greatest need for Mityana's primary school is clean water. Lack of clean water and water-borne diseases cause pupils to miss classes. Either because they are stricken by typhoid, cholera, etc.

Village facts

  • The school is located in Kigogwa neighbourhood in Mityana town west ward 2kms from town. its 45kms west of kampala city.

  • Little angels was started by the Director with 14 children and one teacher now it has 200 children and 7 teachers.

  • Most people in mityana are peasant farmers and can not mange paying their children so they need assistance from other bodies.

  • We make bark clothes locally and we
    have some traditional dance.