Background: Moung Russey

Our project

  • The project of community training center has emerged after Cambodian Youth Development Center (CYDC)conducted community base assessment with group from UK and Australia to identify the basic need for youth and disable person in Moung Russey district of Battambang province, Cambodia.CYDC has got support center plan desiged and contributed land some wood, roof and materials for center, now we need cost for support trainer for provide training course.

Project background

  • Dear All friend developments
    The facts of hungry and conflict is related to a round the world and need all people to join and try to solve them with effectively.

    Cambodian is one among Asia countries that got long affected from civil war and less development in last 30 years. Moung Russey is one district that has long affected with cronic conflict and disasters cause with mony issues to most vulnerable group like women household and children.

  • My name is Sa Kimsorn and I was born on 15 June 1970 in Kear Commune Moung Russey district Battambang province, Cambodia.

Village facts

  • Moung Russey is a district among 13 districts of Battambang province that consist of 11 communes and 101 villages administration.

  • The are 27,939 families and 143,325 population comprising of 73,738 women, 69,587 men and 4,124 were widows with 1,786 orphans that cause by war and HIV/AIDS.