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Stop Migration and support Child and youth development

Cambodian Youth Development Center (CYDC) has conducted community review on recent context of development with 15 communes. Resulth of review identified that 80% of youth unemployment and poor family have migranted from their community to seek job employment in border and ilegal abroad to other country. All the migration faced with risk of fighting, arresting sex exploatation.

Worldschool students visit Moung Russey

Several students from Worldschool traveled to Cambodia this summer to meet with Moung Russey LR, Sa Kimsorn, and the people of the Moung Russey community their school project was meant to help.

What Cambodian Youth Development Center work ?

              Cambodian Youth Development Centre...

CYDC Community Need Assessment Report

Greetings to Moung Russey Team for the work done. I am sorry for not being around for a long time. I have volunteering in one of the most rurar areas in Uganda where there is no internet connection.

From Community Base Association to legal NGO CYDC

Local Representative’s Message

Starting from Community Base Organization in Moung Russey, the youth association became as full legal local NGO. The Cambodian Youth Development Center (CYDC) is emerged in 2004 by youth association and social w...

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Welcome to my village

Dear Neighbor,

Greeting to all friends in taking part as neighbor of Moung Russey Community, I'm very please and honor of you that spending time to share in ideas, experiences, materials and budget to support the Moung Russey Community.

CYDC Three Year Strategic Development Plan

The action Needed aimed at getting a funding event to raise funds for the centre. Neighbours came up with the Idea of a marahon event . The Event is scheduled for Early next year(January to February)


Our proposal is now ready
What is needed now is to take this basic proposal and tailor it to the funders' interests.In that we make some few changes when ever we are contacting any pontential funders. In the due course we may make...

Design for The Training Centre

Setting up the Training centre to educate the community in Eco tourism and agriculture is our main goal. Thanks to the committed neighbours of this village we have been able to get a tentative blue print for the centre.

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