What Cambodian Youth Development Center work ?

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              Cambodian Youth Development Centre Profile(CYDC) 1. What is CYDC?  History Cambodian Youth Development Centre (CYDC) is emerged in 2004 by group volunteer of social workers and key community leaders who identify the needed group of youths left or drop school in community, and other groups of vulnerable women household. They are agreed on issues and started to develop the community youth associations and group of vulnerable women household for self help and access the basis need development. On August 15, 2005 Dr. Larry Hubbell from the University of Wyoming (United States) came to visit Moung Russey district and provide course training to youth association members, community development practitioners and community leaders on fund raising and 3 years business plan development. The CYDC organization is a legal register with Ministry of Interior of Cambodia as local non-government organization on 12 February 2007. The purpose of CYDC is to building youth capacity with skill necessary needed for self-reliance and improve family economic to women household towards group-employment and living with human rights respect.2. What is CYDC VISION, Mission and Strategy Cambodian Youth and Vulnerable women get equal rights access in developments and living with peace, democracy and human rights respect.Mission StatementCYDC build capacity of youth and vulnerable women in north-west area of Cambodia with basic rights education and skill necessary for income generation towards self-reliance. Strengthen youth and vulnerable women network and linkage with other partners for grassroots development to help themselves, advocacy and human rights protection forward social justice. General Strategy- Develop training centre for multi purpose and provide training to youth migrated and left from school with skill/ vocational necessary for income and self-reliance.- Conduct group women household and youths for providing basic rights education and skill of family economic increasing through animal raising and group high yield production. - Support scholarship to youth from families of women household and poor families in rural community back to school and completed in high school education.- Conduct youth and women network in community for advocacy of equal rights education and development. 3. What is CYDC Structure and Governance? Cambodian Youth Development Centre has four board of committees’ member including 1 woman and three men. They are from difference sectors of development and background of woman development, NGO network, social development worker and teacher. The board committee has main role to provide technical of leadership and management to management team and contact information with donor. CYDC formatted Management Team for decision making and project monitoring for improving project management. The management team will conduct month meeting and combats for review projection indicator and follow up progress activity, they also revise new main issue challenge and raising flexible strategy for overcome. The executive director is respond to oversee the project implement including Communication, Program follow up, report writing and responding with donor on project progressive and budget management. He has completed the Development Management, Project Management, Proposal Writing, Monitoring and Evaluation, and pass International Leadership Development Course in Japan.     The general coordinator she is responsible for organizing operation and manages directly working with social workers on project implement, monitoring activity and monthly report to director. She pass project management, Data base collection, Leadership and impact and change. The admin and finance manager is responsible for admin and financial management of organization, he will prepare and keep all finance report, update inventory list and office management. There are four social workers including two women and two men working as project facilitator in communities. They are facilitate activities and respond with target group and make cooperation with local authority and in project pass Leadership Development, they had been as community social worker.  Most of the staffs' members are former teacher from development worker. They most have been volunteers with CYDC since its inception in 2004. They all post-secondary, training in community development, Training of Trainer (TOT), Community Health worker (all), Human Rights trainer, management and leadership (most). 4. Who is CYDC target group and areas? CYDC has its base office in Moung Russey district Battambang province, Cambodia and working with youth groups left school in community, vulnerable women household and orphans vulnerable children in rural area of North-West province in Cambodia.  5. What project activity of CYDC done?

            1. Youth Capacity building

The current project of CYDC is facilitate the 150 of youth left school and formed as association in 4 communities with providing education on English class, Community Development concept and reproductive health knowledge.The activity of project implement is including training course, group discussion, monthly sharing, moderation and exchange visit.  2. Self-help of women householdWe coordinate the 4 groups of vulnerable women household in 4 communities to identify their own group issues facing and facilitated to conduct group self-help and network for family income generation development. We provided primary health education and food security management including home garden high yield product and animal raising technic for family sustaining.6. Who is support CYDC project?The pervious fund for activity support is donated by Nabuur.com in Netherlands and contribution of our volunteer members in communities. The supporting from Dr. Larry Hubbell of Wyoming University in United State with course training on business plan development to youth and community leader after his visit in August 2005.. Mrs Irene Hubbell support two new laptop for youth class training in August 2007 and Mr. Junjun support vegetable seed and technical in 2005. Mr. Thomas in Wyoming of USA support sola penal for using computer in community office in 2007, CYDC did not have the main donor fund for individual activity implement yet.7. Main Keys of Challenge- The number of youth left school increase every because of family poverty condition in rural area of Battambang province.- The migrant of youth from rural to city town and illegal to Thailand and other countries every year,  they are facing with arresting, rights violation, trafficking, exploitation and epidemic of HIV/AIDS- The unemployment among youth and women household rose to community and made them fall trafficking and sex sale in city.- The lacking of skill and vocational, low production made people sale land and migrant from place to place.- Sexual abuse and drug abuse pass from children to children- The family of woman who headed can not send their children to school and come across with food shortage every year.- The big gap of income from people in town and rural area make concern of confliction and domestic violence.8. What is the next plan of CYDC and looking for support from Donors? We are looking for funding to develop community training centre and  implement project with target above in purpose to reducing youth risk migrating form community to city and illegal broad to Thailand for labour sell and increasing income for women household to help themselves in living with properly rights respect and their children can go to school without food worry.  The project will provide skill training to groups of youth in four communes on traditional music, handicraft, agriculture technical for high yield product and English language and computer class, and develop self-help group of women household for increase income. The main activity of youth project is develop a community training centre for multi purpose and provide skill and vocational training to youth association. The youth groups will also integrated with knowledge of leadership, conflict management, nursery practice, and strategy plan development for next future of their group.   The women household self-help groups will developed in villages and provide training on woman basic rights, domestic violence, and food security activity including vegetable growing and animal raising pass gift for income generation among their group. The CYDC training centre will be a place model on a highly successful formula which is being used for community to bring people in rural communities together in conversation that exchange culture and knowledge.  The CYDC community training centre is a place to come and hold conversations, gain exposure from field visits, receive coaching, training and mentoring.  It is also a place where foreign tourists can come if they want to know about the things and culture that matter to Cambodians in Moung Russey and Kaus Kralor districts.  This is an opportunity to talk about what’s important without having to worry about targets or deadlines and spend sometime in the field see what villagers are doing. The scope of project will cover to two districts with 8 villages and 2 communes, and the direct beneficiaries will 120 youths and 48 women household. The indirect benefit will reach to at leas 50 family of youths and their children in women household. We expect that, the youth association and women network will strong advocate in grassroots level and link with other development and aid service.  Contact Person: MR. SA KIMSORN                      CYDC Executive DirectorAddress: Alongsdao village Kear commune, Moung Russey district,                          Battambang province, Cambodia. Mail Box: P.O. Box 296 Battambang city, Cambodia.Tel: (855) 12 530 548E-mail: cydc.org_kh@yahoo.com, kimsorn_sa@yahoo.com