Worldschool students visit Moung Russey

Several students from Worldschool traveled to Cambodia this summer to meet with Moung Russey LR, Sa Kimsorn, and the people of the Moung Russey community their school project was meant to help.

The students traveled about 3 Kms from the district headquarters into the rural target area and were able to meet with some of the women involved in the Cambodian Youth Development Center (CYDC) project as well as with other youth. The students spent about 3 hours with the local community. The students spent 1-week total in Cambodia and were able to learn much about the urgent needs of the women and youth living in rural Moung Russey.

We thank them for their visit and for the work they have done to support CYDC and the members of our community. We hope to have pictures to share as well early next week.

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Dear Jennifer,

I understand how happy Kimsorn by this visit. With actual assessment of the area, they will know the important things that should be done for the community. This onsite inspection will eventually help Moung Russey and may this be the start of great things abound to happen to them.