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    Hello everyone, we are enjoying the cold season here in Zambia. Soon we’ll get into the hot season and consequently the rain season. We have only three seasons in Zambia. M

  • My name is Ralph Sebente. I have been a pastor for more than 17 years, and I am happily married to Agnes, a lovely, determined woman.

  • Life in Mutendere community is, like in other townships, a survival. Most people are unemployment, infected by HIV and have no future perspective. The number of orphans and vulnerable children is increasing.

Village facts

  • ART.

    Zambia continues to experience hardships in the face of high poverty levels. Poverty is more prevalent and higher among female-headed house holds than male headed ones.


    However, the people of Mutendere, like most Zambians are peaceful and sweet to get along. What is usually present each morning I the greetings amongst themselves.


    Mutendere which in the local language here means Peace, is one of the oldest compounds in Lusaka and one of the biggest too. It is devide in 4 sections namely Mutendere A, Mutendere B, Mutendere C and Mutendere D.

  • Situated in South Central Africa, just east of the capital city of Lusaka, Mutendere is an urban township with less than 10,000 people. This lowland area has gravel roads and around 1500 houses.

  • 20/10/05
    We write to introduce King World School in Mutendere which aims to educate the orphans and vulnerable children in our community so they can be better placed in society and become 'Kings' in their own world. It is a community ...