Find out how much a sand cement block making machine costs in Zambia

In order to make our own bricks we need a sand cement block making machine. Find out how much a new one costs in Zambia.

Or look for other ways to get one cheap!! :-D

Dear friends,

Today marks yet another important day to our work plan of the Missions objectives. For the organization to exist and survive, its all about net working and donations, and for the work force to be supported, its all about finances. It is for this reason that we want to thank all our friends and partners for standing with us with you unfailing love and passion in supporting our desired goal.

With your love and support, we as an Organization, have no doubt that the school will be built, painted for these children whose bread winners have died. While no one has been able to escape the impact of the deteriorating social and economic situation, it has disproportionately affected the single parents especially women and children.

That is why when we receive a 40 foot Container full of clothes and school material from Crossroads, we run out of words how to express our gratitude to our friends in Hon Kong! Suffice to say that, to this we are very grateful. With this kind of help, we I can assure you that the Staff of King World Missions, together, will take the Missions to higher dimension of activities despite the odds against us. as we would love to share this wonderful photos with you today, it is not possible as the computers are slow to attach one needs an hour to do that. But we will share them with you next time when computers will be a little bit faster.

“Against the odds” dear friends I mean lack of

1. finances to correspond with our wage bill
2. Sky rocketing building materials cement in particular which is now selling at 70,000 local currency (About 20 USD) I must say that the idea to build a school in our community is step in the right direction to cater for the economically challenged.
3. Resources retention policy for the organization
4. Volunteers support programs.
5. Management support to mention just a few.

As you may well know that King world Missions has been working in Mutendere Community for 5 years now in rented buildings, We would be ever so grateful if we can have a building of our own. We have a land on title we bought from the Ministry of Lands. It is 23 by 25 just behind Total in Kalingalinga. The total project is 450 Zambian Kwacha. (120,000. Euros) The project is divided into two. The first is from the foundation up to 4 classes on the ground floor.

1 BUILDING SAND 5 LOADS 10/10/2007 500,000 2,500,000
2 RIVER SAND 6 LOADS 600,000 3,600,000
3 CRUSHED STONES 10 LOADS 700,000 7,000,000
4 CEMENT 300 POCKETS 70,000 21,000,000
5 100 PARTICLE BOARDS (18mm) 90,000 9,000,000
6 90 PIECES OF SOFT WOOD TIMBER (100 X50 X5000) 22,000 1,980,000
7 45 KG OF WIRE NAILS 7,000/KG 315,000
8 45 KG OF WIRE NAILS 7,000/KG 315,000
9 900 GUM POLES 13,000 11,700,000
10 120 PIECES OF TIMBER (50 X50 X500) 12,000 1,440,000
11 STEAL IRONS AND BENDING 22,000,000 22,000,000
TOTAL 123,250,000
CONTIGENCY 10,000,000



Please give precise details and quantify the results as far as possible.

1.labour / Contructor - 30% of total cost of the project
2. Removing debries from the foundation - ZK 300,000
3. Buying of the materials – Materials buying will depend on the availability of the Money. Since by then we Will have the Container for Storage with us we can be buying as much as the container can contain. The Total Cost of the Project was estimated at (ZK 133,250,000)
4. Footing - The footing is important as it acts as base for the irons to stand and lay on. Arons are the most expensive. They gave us an ingineer who needs to be paid by them we only buy him Transport and Lunch as he overlooks the work. We can not compromise on this one because it is a matter of life, All irons costs (ZK 20,000,000)
5. Undeling the Irons - (After the footing is dry, Irons will be under layed on top as the footing acts as base.
6. Pouring of Concrete - The concrete will be poured all around the foundation and the columns.
7. Boxing /feeling & stumping - This is to harden the ground before the foundation slab is put
8. Foundation slab – From 1 to 8 is referred to as Stage One and with all the materials in place the only payment is labor for the contractor/ engineer ( ZK 5,000,000)

9. Raising Ground floor to window level –
10. Window level to fist floor -
11. Underlying first floor -
12. Pouring Concrete on first floor -
13. Puting Cploses/timber -
14. Roofing -
15. Wall Fence -
16. Doors and Windoors -
17. Painting and Furnishing –

Cerebration of Official Opening of the School By Minister of Education and other invited Guest 06/09/09

And the second is from there to the fist floor, roofing and painting.

Another area we would like to mention is transport to carry out or program activities. We seem not to do well in this area. Some areas are far off and to get there, you are to board twice and then walk. It is not only tiring but time consuming too. Even when volunteers come they too have to walk or use public transport. It has been said that progress of civilization can be measured by the volume of their transportation system. This is the age of quick and massive transportation. Seemingly, the world has become smaller because people can now travel completely around the world at phenomenal speed using the latest means of transportation. One can now have breakfast in Cape Town, lunch in New York and dinner in Paris.

Financial and property management is another area we will desire an expert so that the little resources generated through:

School Fees 50,000 4,500,000
Rental 5 classrooms to churches 100,000 5 500,000
Block making 8,000,000
Evening computer classes 100,000/month ? ?
Internet cafe ?
Having Exams in our premises

When the school is complete, should assist us in servicing our wage bill.

The current school is promising to grow with the coming in of school chairs and desks, as the school grows so are the staff. This should be complemented with supplemented efforts to deliver. We want ours to the best of community schools. We can only do this if and when we are financially sound.

The organizations came up with project proposal for the “fruit Project” for women which can just gather dust if it is not financially supported. This project was initiated by Annet who has since relocated to the Netherlands. It’s a viable project that can help women generate resources.

Dear friends, It will be amiss on our part if we do not mention the cooperating Partner who had shown interest to work with us and build the school but just to be disappointed due to poor handling of the intended project. School Child Africa, a foundation begun by volunteers, Willeke Virsluis and Simon in the Netherlands aborted the building of the school, The fruit Shell Project for women, initiated by Annet Van horn, also from the Netherlands is silent. Block marking Project also silenced.

These project dear friends were intended to benefit the community in skill enhancement and also financial mobilization for the staff but all is lost and the organization remains retarded. As an organization we have learnt from our mistakes and still leaning the ropes and have addressed these gray areas and are now ready to forge head

By and large, dear friends, the organizations’ success depends on the availability of materials which we have, thanks to Crossroads, and finances for it to scale up its operations we have abundant youthful labor in place further we are overwhelmed by the many needs and poverty levels in our community.

The earlier solution to build a school for the community should be supported and implemented if we are to achieve our goal in giving quality education to these children. Let all the stakeholders think positively and possible participation.

With your kind consideration this could be achieved for a better community! With these “few” words, I take this opportunity and on behalf of the King World staff and children as King World School, to thank your consideration to work with us for the betterment of our Mutendere Community.

I thank you all and God bless you!!

Appreciatively yours,

Ralph & Agnes