Find a twin school in your country that will connect with King World School

Status: Just started

We need twin schools to help Mutendere community to build their own school. Please contact schools in your country and ask them if they want to be a twin school.

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if u can let me knwo what exactley twin school is ican find out from india.


Dear friends,

This is Agnes giving you an extract from Katja's message to Give a Meaning margazine I thought should share with you! Please spread the news.

King World Missions (KWM), a charity organization founded in 2005, supports orphans and widows in their own community (Kalingalinga and Mutendere suburbs in Lusaka). KWMs primary goal is to build a school for disadvantaged children for fighting against the odds of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Mutendere community, the biggest township of Lusaka with approximately 10,000 inhabitants.

The key people of this project are Ralph Sebente and Agnes Chisenga. A couple of years ago they used to be active as humanitarian workers in the Ndinawe Memorial School, where half of the pupils were orphans or from extremely poor families. Children were given an opportunity to study for free and receive basic food daily. Unfortunately, in 2005 this support was discontinued by the director of the institution.

Having accomplished trainings in project management, strategic planning and report writing, Ralph and Agnes decided to establish their own community based, non-governmental organization “King World Missions" with the initial aim of providing education to those who could not make it into the main stream. KWM focuses on orphans who are the result of HIV/AIDS affected familias, vulnerable and financially disadvantaged children, and grand mothers who struggle with resilience and courage to support the ever growing population of children orphaned by AIDS and nurture them into the future.

KWM needs to socially and economically empower the community with the emphasis on women and children. Their mission is to reduce illiterate levels in Mutendere community by 3% in a period of 10 years and ease the pain of HIV/AIDS in Zambia which can be realized by building a complete school for children.

Children constitute the most significant population sector in the process of human resource development. However, the basic education remains a critical issue in Zambia. School age population is increasing every year, but the government of this country invests only 11% of the national budget into education, while it reaches 25% in the neighboring countries. This resulted in 800,000 school age children (mainly girls and orphans) being left on the street without education, since a lot of families cannot overcome financial burdens related to the costs of education in the private institutions, school uniforms and other study utilities.

Upon accomplishing this project King World School, a one-storey school building with four classrooms serving 80 pupils will be built. This self sustaining community school will provide education to the children who have been left out in the main stream education. Simultaneously associated courses would train the community with skills to help them create their own income on a sustainable basis. The School will be a powerful tool to serve Mutendere community and children, especially girls, to access basic education. King World School will empower women with life sustaining skills, support the poor to take responsibility for their own development, help to create a unified, equitable and just society and join the effort to address the horror of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. They dream of a beautiful, clean, calm and poverty-less community. A community with education for all.

The land for the new school has already been bought by School Child Africa a charity organization in The Netherlands. The foundation of the future school is already prepared and ready for starting construction works.

King World Missions needs your help to realize this dream. They hope to find fellow-minded people who, despite today’s economical challenge in the world, will stand for them and the children of Mutendere.

Hope you find this challenging. Spread the news.



Morning to all,

Extraordinary things can happen to people who believe. Just imagine we now have a tap of water just few steps from our home. We will no longer be walking four blocks away to draw drinking water. As there is no bath room, we use the toilet for the same facility. All seven of us take it in turns to make use of this great luxury. But, because we are all different and some are more modest than others, each member of the two families has found his own place for carrying out the performance. Mapalo uses an unfinished house though it has no doors windows and roof as her bath room. When she is going to have a bath, she goes to each one of us in turn and tells us that we must not walk passed the unfinished house for 10 minutes. She thinks this is sufficient but what about those who are not part of the seven.

My Ralph goes right to the small separate room which also is the toilet. To him it is not a bother carrying hot water all that way, so as to have the seclusion of his own room for a bath. I have chosen our bedroom, though not big enough, for my scrub. The curtains there are drawn, there I can sit on a stool, have the light on, lock the door pour my own bath water away, and I am safe from prying eyes.

Not only were we able to draw water the whole day but can do our laundry anytime we feel like. Hope my Ralph will attach the few photos he got of me this am doing laundry. Now it is rather indecent to tell you what we did to over come this difficulty before the tap arrived. However, I am not such prude that I can’t talk about these things. Some time we would employ a boy to draw the water to feel the drum for us. Other time we will give a woman to go and do laundry for us at a fee. Now we are free to do laundry anytime with tap water a few yards away from our home. It is such great luxury that we can’t find words to express how happy we are.

I though I should share this good news with you.

Yesterday we were privileged along with Cavemont Capital bank, King World Missions, was donating computers and tables to an organization dealing with children. This event was covered both by Radio and TV. You will want to know the Chair lady of this organization, It is the First Lady! The wife to our president. Though she was not in attendance, she sent two women Ministers to represent her and to read the letter, that thanked King World Missions for the donation, for her. Ralph was not there, busy with the Easter arrangements at church, so I, Florence and Christine represented King World Missions.

It is the first time, so to say, that King World Missions is appearing on the National Televisions doing charity work in the community. We are proud of our donors Crossroads, also.

God bless you all.




Plot No. A 119, Mutendere, Lusaka
Cell; 0977884174. or 0977329442


Flowers bloomed year in and year out and little to emphasize on the change of seasons, time slipped by unnoticed. We are in April of 2009; Kalingalinga Community itself is only 50 years old. Thus, if the actuarial tables are accurate, it is entirely possible that the first baby born in this community was still alive and vigorous.

Kalingalinga was a child of Kabulonga rush for work. Kabulonga is a home of the rich and of mixed races and people rushed there in search of work from gardening to house keeping. In the bust that followed the boom, Kalingalinga managed to retain its identity through geography rather than any inherent uniqueness. Mid way between Helen Kaunda and Mass Media, it was a convenient place for job seekers and travelers to refuel and refresh, while its remoteness prevented its large neighbors from gobbling it up.

The founders may have envisioned a spa, looking at its neighboring communities but the dream never materialized. The rather bizarre name stemmed from a promotional scheme of the period when a Zambian of Asian origin asked a local why he was loitering in his shop without buying anything. “Why are you Ling ling in my shop?” From there on that Indian was called Kalingalinga. Later that shop was torn down to pave way for a bigger one years later, and few of the present residents were aware that it existed. The shop was later sold a little and repossessed for less. Kalingalinga never amounted to a damn thing.

It took a few years to prove the scoffers wrong. During the sevebtys Kalinga linga community became a gazetted community and begun to be crowded. The rush for job seeking brought new changes almost unnoticed at first. Artists seeking a refuge where creativity could flourish on scant cash, begun to move in; beards and bare feet became common place there long before the rest of the country ever heard of “Akapela singers.” They referred to Kalinga linga as a “The village” a title now resolutely defended and word spread that it was quaint.

Money followed art as those wealthy enough to afford a second home begun to build new houses. The hills behind the village begun dotted with houses and behind the rich came the well-to-do. Less insular than their predecessors, they demanded that water pipes and sewer pipes be put which the local government did. Churches where organized to save their souls and schools erected to educate their children. When roads made commuting practical, Kalinga linga’s problem became not how to promote its growth, but how to control it.

The population explosion could not be denied in the middle seventies the complexion of Kalingalinga commenced to change once more. With the University of Zambia just behind it students who could not be accommodated at the big learning institution sought to live in Kaingalinga. This in turn attracted light industry geared to electronics and Capentry. Brief cases business men begun to frequent the place. Witch Doctors also begun to move in as usual promising people things they themselves do not have. The typical citizen was under forty but bellow the national median in intelligent as well as income, had resided in Kalingalinga less than ten years and considered it “a great community to live in”

Ralph and Agnes


Morning to you all,

Nice to hear from you. This is a quick one to tell you the bad news and the good news. The bad news is that the 20 by 50 land we intended to buy, right In the heart of our community,(as per our sponsors request),was sold out to someone else. The owner who happened to be a farmer outside of Lusaka said he wanted the money soon for his farming inputs and all. He had kept that land for us for close to 4 months now and thought we were not making any moves. Hence, gave it to some one else who dangled a cake on his nose. However, we are not discouraged, just as our sponsors told us to find a plot within our community, we will keep searching and find another one.

The good news is that the Uniforms for the Children are done!! Ooh and they are divine! Each ironed and neatly folded and put in a plastic. To be frank we thought they where coming from the shops…aah I mean, they are coming from the shops. We are all excited about them. Agnes went to pick them up at Cresta Hotel in two big Boxes. Now we can’t wait to see how those little faces going to beam.

We will fix a small fee of collection to those who can manage so that they don’t become solely free. We are thankful to all our sponsors who have made this possible

Bellow is a letter of appreciation to all our sponsors.

Thank you again our sponsors you have made our day!!!

Ralph and Agnes

Plot No. A 119, Mutendere, Lusaka
Cell; 0977884174. or 0977329442
The Managing Directors
2.Gamma Zambia ltd.
3.Entrust Financial Services ltd.
4.Crest Golf View Hotel.
Dear Sirs

Letter of Appreciation.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation for your kind consideration in taking on the children in Mutendere and help them through education.
Thank you also for the sweet words of comfort and assurance given to us. They bring life and love to the King World Family that we can fail to put in words. How so thankful we are for the support of the work we are doing here in Mutendere. On behalf of the children and Teachers, a BIG THANK YOU and to put it in children’s words, “from the bottom of our heart” …for coming together to raise funds for the purchase of the materials for the children’s uniforms and consequently tailoring them. Thank you dear friends. We are proud to be the direct recipients of your kind gestures. We do hope we will work together in our future projects as we Endeavour to give these children of our community education.
God bountifully bless you for the faithfulness and commitment.

You are a blessing to us.

Ralph and Agnes


Hello Carol and friends,

I do hope you and yours are fine. Slowly we are getting into the cold season and the weather has already begun to change from hot and wet to chilly and some nights very called. Like I have alluded to in my earlier communiqué, we only have three weather patterns:- Hot, Hot and wet and cold.

According to our projection we should have started off with our project. We are not worried about the delay because the construction projects and architectural master piece take more time than ordinary building. “Delay means to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired.” Delay is not a denial it is only postponed success. We have put our trust in God. He is the author of life’s story, past, present and future. His timing is always perfect.

“God resides in the delays.” Someone said. But lets face it waiting isn’t fun. Yet life is filled with waiting, and often the waiting, whether it is for something little like getting through a traffic jam, waiting for a life partner, or fruit of the womb after marriage, waiting on the line in a bank or grocery store. Or something big like test result from a Doctor like it was with our case when we took our mother to the Hospital can be hard. And it was shocking when the Doctor told us our mother has suffered a stroke.

And sometimes the hardest thing to wait for in life is an answered prayer. We have sent application letters to several companies and to business people to help us construct a community school for the financially challenged children. We are waiting to get the replies while we wait in prayer. One thing that has helped us in this attitude of waiting which sometimes feels like forever, is taking a few minutes to remember the times God has been faithful.

We remembered the times God has answered our prayers. This reminds us that God is still there and that He will act if and when necessary by a miracle. Why did He delay the best wine for the last? (John 2:10) Why did He wait until Lazarus died before taking a step? Why are some miracles delayed? We are always comforted to know that delay is better than error. Delay is always postponed success! God is faithful and He will do the unusual and put a new song in our mouth. As a matter of fact He has started to do the unusual. Anula, a friend to Hari has just finished the first part of the drawing of our school which I sent to some of you yesterday and it looks great! We can’t thank Anula and Hari and the entire Srilancan Association enough for coming to our aid. We are grateful beyond words.

It took one whole day to complete ferrying sand stones Cement at the site the other day. It was a work full of dedication and fun! One has to be physically present either at the time of loading or off loading. It is not because we do not trust the people but rather it was fun to be part and parcel of this progress. Except for the two members of the board the rest were present to witness offloading ceremony. Even Agnes, who complained of body weakness, was there through and through. It was a joy to see three Big Trucks coming one after another to come pour the building materials at the site. Bellow is what we bought and the break down.



BLOCKS 6 INCH 2000 IN ALL @ 3,000 TOTAL 6,000,000
CEMENT 20 POCKETS @ 52,000 TOTAL 1,040,000
RIVER SAND 10 TONS @ 850,000 TOTAL 800,000
STONES 10 TONS @ 900,000 TOTAL 800,000
BUILDING SAND 10 TONS @700,000 TOTAL 700,000
OFFLODING BOYS (10) @ 20,000 TOTAL 200,000


To all this we say keep up the good works guys. Thanks for your donations and now the work to construct the wall fence has just begun

We are in it together, the French would say “Que Dieu vous benis.

Merci. (God Bless you, Thank you)

I forgot to mention that some community women and men and children came to watch this spectacular event. They have not witnessed 3 BIG TRUCKS following each other coming to pour building materials at a site for a long time. To us it is a memorable event and we can’t say thank you enough to Give a Meaning and all those that helped to contribute to this noble task. Thank you again…

Pastor Ralph Sebente & King World Missions’ members.


Hello Ralph and fellow Mutendere neighbours!

It's good to join you. Just reading through the different posts here, I'm not sure whether you have yet found a twin school. Or, if you have, whether you were interested in having more than one twin school. I don't have a particular school in mind, but I do have an idea of how I might try to find one for Mutendere village if one is still needed.

I'd welcome some advice on this.


David Bale


Dear David Bale,

Someone told me, if you have a variety of people in you life,
you will lead a more exciting life. How true!

I have such wonderful friends in you that I fail to put vocabulary
together to describe how much you have been a blessing to us.
Hopefully by now you have seen how blessedness you have been to us and
the children here at King World Missions and hopefully you are
experiencing the amazingness that is you. When we look back, all we
see is your time of sharing and love! . You have managed to put a
smile on so many faces here in my community.

Coming to your your request, I am pleased to announce that every effort is being worked on
but still we have no yet found a school to twin with us. So your suggestions in this regard will be well appreciated.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Ralph & Agnes


Dear Ralph,
i was wondering if the school has a website, as this can make the connection work more easy

nice to be here


Our eyes are on our goal!

Morning dear friends, Sory for my silence, I had a problem with my Lap top due to a virus that infested almost all the systeams of the computer. I took it for cleaning and it was just as well, or the systeam would have crashed on me. All is welll now and I have even instored new soft wear in it.

Someone says “ Where there is a will there is a way” and I like saying, when there is life there is hope. Our eyes are focused on our goals because obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes aff our goals. We know that goals are the bridges that span our dreams. The enermy knows that we will be the focus in our community once our dream of this school is realised. Dispite the aneasia and delays from the Councial, we have refused to be distructed! We have made a success of living by keeping our eyes on our dream. Hadly a month paseth without spreading the school plan on our table and to entently look at it and begin to speak that someday this plan on paper will be a physical structure.
We reject the twin demons, which my pastor calls ‘Distruction and Dipression.’ What matter is where we are going and not nessarily where we are. “Your aspirations are your possibilities.” (Samuel Johnson) Delays and problems are nomal to anny great vision! Seasons of fear and doubt are also nomal. That is the more reason we keep our goals in front of us. It is M. Ustaszeski who said. “ If you stay focused and right on track, you will get to where you want to be.” Alan Pariser also said “ The sun’s energy warms the world. But when you focus it through a magnifying glass, it can start a fire. Focus is powerful.” Suelly we are focused on this one and our story will be evidence and shall be heard worldwide!

Thank you all you our sponsors who have kept us going through your love and support!
We love you and do think of you,and yes the school has a website

Ralph and Agnes.


Hi David,

We haven't been able to find one yet, and we would be ever so grateful if you can find as school that we can connect to.
Our love for children in insurmountable and we would want as many schools as you can manage to find.



We would appreciate primary schools from Pre-school to grade 5.

Thank you



God intended for us to enjoy living and He has given us the ability, sense and environment to do so. In fact our main purpose in life is, as Martin Luther once said, “to love God and enjoy Him for ever.” If there is anything we Christians are supposed to be, it’s happy people. We have got more to be happy about than anybody else in the world. We have the happy love of Jesus, who takes all over our burdens, carries all of our cares and lighten all our all of our sorrows. “Happiness is not in our circumstances but in ourselves. It is not something we see, like rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire. Happiness is something we are.” (John B. Sheerin)

Yes the school has a website. thanks to Carol Sechriest and her husband Ralph who hosts the site.

hope to hear from you soon

Agnes and Ralph


I am not bragging but I think I am likeable! Everywhere I go, or will be in a group but will still stand out as the most liked by all. Minister David Jackson visited my church once, liked me liked the church and organized friends in the US to help financially when I was passing through problems. It is not only Minister Jackson alone but all those friends who have visited Zambia and have seen what we are doing at King World Missions. When they go back to their respective countries, they have not kept quite. They have gone flat out to look for sponsors for us. Augustas and Katja both University students from Lithuania and Germany respectively, raised USD 2,040 among their friends after they visited us and saw what we were doing. The same goes to Judith and Sheila from the Netherlands and UK respectively. Others have never visited us like Lori and Mathew, Carol and Ralph. They have only seen photos and they have thrown all their weight on us. Your character speaks volumes about you more than what you may be able to say about yourself!

I came across this statement once and have never forgotten it since… “What you are doing is so loud that I can not hear what you are saying.” It has never been about what we say, it always has been about what we do that determines who we became and who we are able to influence. Likeability is the essential quality King World Missions has, of being able to draw people to us on account of our personality. People will always follow or be willing to do things for those they like or admire or look up to, not anyone else. You see, human beings have a sense of leadership and fellowship within them. We are wired in such a way that we all look for that “parent” or “mentor” to look up to. Someone that will coach us and lead us in the path we will like to travel on.

With this in mind, there is no great man or woman that ever became so on their own. They needed to team up with people that shared their vision and beliefs. It is only through connecting with people of similar idea, (Thanks to internet) that ordinary men start on their path to greatness. True riches are never a one man affair. It is the ability to link up and unite with others in pursuit of your mission that brings about great wealth. In order to do this effectively, one needs to be likeable. They need to possess personality traits that people will easily admire. If you notice the qualities we are outlining here, they include honesty, integrity, faithful, and a person of your word, trustworthiness, and firm, committed, disciplined, consistent, and pioneering. These are some of the qualities we strive to work on as King World Missions that we know will draw people our way and they will be willing to bet their last penny on our project or idea. The world always makes room for those who know where they are going!

This works true for projects and business plans that need financing. Most financing can be raised within your peers and if what you say seems feasible and you have a likeable personality, you will find someone willing to trust you enough to give you their hard earned cash for investing in your idea or project. Conmen know this and utilize it negatively. Carol and I have been duped by people we trusted. Pioneers know this and utilize it for great and positive deeds in human endeavor. Use likeability properly and you gain synergy that will propel your project or idea to heights it would never achieve if done by yourself. Great leaders, movers and shakers know how to find and assemble the right team to help accomplish their objectives.

Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” calls this team a master-mind group. Everyone of us that truly wants to impact the world or his sphere in a positive and legacy manifesting way needs to have the right master-mind team in place. Bill Gates has this team. After all, is not team an acronym for ‘together each achieves more?’ Great leaders also know how to leverage the abilities of those greater than themselves for the good of the whole team and the vision. They are never threatened by those who seemingly know more than they do, but instead they use that for the good of the whole. Great leaders synergize. Great leaders make every one do what they always wanted to do without force or compulsion, but they get everyone to be willing to give all they have for their cause. Great leaders have a master-mind group always. Likeability will gain you all the above!

The greatest way to become a memorable leader that leaves legacies for generation to come is hinged on two things; the first is humility (encompassing a teachable spirit) and the second is a likeable personality (encompassing charisma) and I believe these can be developed too. As a Pastor, I believe that every man needs the influence of a force greater than himself. The start of such a great personality is hinged in the knowledge and salvation that comes through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. When He comes into your life, He will take over and begin His work. That work includes the shaping and molding of your personality into one that is like Him. You will develop what are called the fruit of the Holy Spirit and these are wonderful and powerful character traits that can not be developed on the strength of one’s character alone.

The fruits are love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control. These are guaranteed when one lives their life in the Spirit and are obedient to His word. It is never about rules, do’s and don’ts; it’s about yielding your whole being to One that is higher than you and letting Him take control.

God bless you all and thanks for your love and support.

Pastor Ralph and Agnes Sebente


HI Agness & Ralph,
The only easy way to find aprtner schools is by registering with global explore the site and you will get a lot of help.Thanks,