Meet the neighbours


Hello all,

Just a line to greet you all and to mention that we are all fine. We had the previlage to meet with Sheila from England and Willeke and Simon from Holland. It has been a busy week but worthy it. We now have Land to build the school on!!



Hey Zambia!!
How are you? Ralph and Agnes, are house-full and you must be really proud of it! Wish I was there!
How are the visitors? By the way is it your first-ever meeting or have you met before? Must be quite exciting!
We are all still trying to keep the momentum going with Mutineer: I am hoping to get some information from Ndah on running community-based projects such as you describe, then we can take it from there: but in the meanwhile if you need for us to look into special areas for you, do let us know.
Pass our regards to all your guests and wish them a lovely time from all of us!
PS: so this is where you all hang out...(smile)


Hi all I am here and this is my story!

The sight of any child not going to school should provoke indignation in any person. Firstly, because in today’s world, a child without education is certainly one without a future. With the technology taking charge it is difficulty to understand how an illiterate person can manage to live a meaningful life. An illiterate person would not so much as follow the happenings in the world today and let alone in his community – he can not read a paper or use internet. And in our part of the world where the official language is a foreign one that has to be learnt in school, school therefore is not an option it is every child’s right.

A person who has no education background will find it difficult to understand the campaigns in diseases like HIV/AIDS and Malaria which are mainly in English and can only be understood by the people who have been to school. And even if they were to be in ones own language, one who hasn’t been to school will still not read.

Secondly, a citizen who has no education background is less productive. Even where cheap labor is required, the labor that is provided by an illiterate person has never proved to be economical and reliable. It’s even better to have a graduate sweeping the floor than in illiterates. Moreover, it is known factor that where there are more educated people, the limitation of natural resources has been overcome.

Even us in Zambia, despite our many limitations in terms of resources, we can do much better if we can invest in education of the children and make it our top priority. King world school has made child education top priority. Thanks to our sponsors who are making our vision a reality by sponsoring to build the school for us. The land has already been bought. Willeke and Simon where in the county recently to come and see the plot and while in the country to witness the excavating and possibly to witness the laying of the foundation. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances they were not able to witness the excavation but they saw the land and liked it very much.

Bellow is the letter and accompanied by phases of how the school will be built from the Contractor to King World Missions which has the cost of K360, 000,000.00

School Child Africa and the sponsors in the Netherlands, will sponsor K260, 000,000.00 of the total cost. With this the school will be complete except for Office block and the wall fence. We need to find the difference to complete the remaining. We must quickly mention here that a company called “Deloitte” has offered to Paint the school freeeeeeeee of charge!!!! We are thankful to Deloitte for this gesture. This will go a long way to cut on our budget.

The same company through Simon and Willeke donated note books, T-shirts, caps, Key holders and a lot of pens to the school. How delightful we are and feel indebted to Deloitte all our lives. And not in a too distant future, we, with the help of Dr. Thera, and Sue, will put up a project proposal for a Block making machine. If we procure the Block making machine, it will save a grate deal on the cost of blocks because we will be making them our selves and also for sale as a fundraising venture for King World Missions.

Hey don’t mind my long letter I am trying to register my come back in style. I have been a way for some time from the Time Willeke and Simon were in Zambia 13th of June 2006 until they left yesterday 2nd of July 2006. I must mention again before I let you off the hook that, we enjoyed the visit of Simon and Willeke is Zambia. It was “a win win situation” to use Simon’s words. Our meetings with them were all fruitful and we made GIANT steppes towards realizing our goals. And what is even more exciting is the fact that we shall commence the building of the school soon.

Hi everyone I missed you too guys! It is just gratifying to be a way and only to find fruitful discussions going on in the site. Jane thanks dear for initiating all these wonderful discussions. If there is anyone who is on line and would want to chat on nabuur, I am game!! It’s been a while and I want to chat with almost everybody. Can we chose a date and time when we can go into a boardroom and discuss, I would preface Sara’s racadilo I have a lot to offload. Its punch you user name and you are home and dry. I enjoy the work Marty did for us he really made things easy for us. Can anyone suggest what day and time?

I await to hear from you all.

Love you!

Ralph and Agnes


Hi Jane,

Willeke and Simon left yesterday for the Netherlands it was grate having them arround. Willeke has been here before and stayed with us 3 weeks so she was not a stranger to the spiders around only she thought the spiders have grown a little bit bigger. As for Simon it was the fist time for him to be in Zambia and Africa at large but I must say that he adupted very quickly to both the weather which was rather chilly to say the least and the environment. However, Simon could not adjust to the Zambian food every time he tries, then he will have a running stormach which he can not catch.

By and large we enjoyed our selves most of the time. We had laughter all through. It was fun teaching Simon how to eat with hands and he droped a lot on his table. The cold too was alittle too much for them, 3 days it was very called.

They are gone but we have kept them warm in our hearts.



welcome new neighbours!
hi indira,charles and omondi (new neighbours)...and two compatriots too..welcome to mutendere!
good start: the web-site is certainly a must-have and refer to from time to time,especially regarding the volunteers,and the hosting programmes: thanks indira.
ralph and agnes if you've had a chance to gor through it,let me have your thoughts...or anyone else for that matter.
i trust everyone else is doing great.i apologise: ihave been a little lazy, the past few weeks,but i give my word i shall pull up my socks and start working you all to the bone (ha! ha!) communicate soon!
have a good one today!


An Old Adage says “ Jesus can turn water into wine, but can not turn your whining into what you want” This is true when it comes to the problems of orphans in my community. Many people fear that is a time bomb, as the future of these children is uncertain. King World has been worrying at the increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children roaming the streets.

Much has been said on the need for the Government to provide shelter, education and care for the disadvantaged. For us to curb the high number of kids in the street we thought of a school. I think the best way to help these children was to provide quality education for them. This can only be done if we build a school of our own in place of renting.

Someone says the houses in my community are so close to the toilets that it is difficulty to differentiate between the two. Most of the house are one bedroom because that is what they can afford. When the rain seasons come, a number will collapse because they are built with poor quality blocks. Cholera is another problem



Glad to be a neighbour of Muntendere. Thanks to what the other neighbours had been doing for the good of this village. We will continue to work hand in hand to see what we can do to help Mutendere.


Dear Neighbours,

I am trying to arrange a shipment for Garden. In order to avoid the tax on arrival at the customs I would like to know if any of the other Village in Zambia has a tax exemption letter (which we could use?).

Please let me know!

Gerdie Schreuders