Meet the neighbours


[b][color=990000]Dear neighbours! Welcome to Mutendere community!
I am very happy that you show interest in the Mutendere community! I lived in Mutendere in March 2005 and I had a wonderful time there! The situation is very difficult, life is really a survival, but the people are so great and willing to improve their situation! [/color][/b]
[b][color=990000]Together we can help these people through Nabuur! As real neighbours it's nice to get to know each other! This is the place for social talk!
I'm looking forward to meet you here! [/color][/b]

Hope to hear from you soon! :lol:

Bye! Willeke


The word INTEMBA (makeshift store) is repeatedly coming up in the conversationwith the poeple of Mutendere. This word is slowly changing to mean one's place of livelihood or work. So it goes without saying that when women say "Naenda kuntemba (Iam going for work) is in most cases a refrence to an informal work. Ofcouse there are a number of topicks the community will get down right to it and discuss. Eg HIV/AIDS, which is a major problem to all,Games but it will all bow down to sharing ideas on businesses.

Another problem my community talk about is Water problem. If we have for one month undisturbed water runing from out tapes, is a miracle. Finding alternativeresoursece on the part of the of the council to address the water situation here has been defined as the greatest challenge. One reason is that the pipes are old and would need replacements, that is beside vandelism by so called petty thieves. With this in mind when the King World School is finally built we would that we drill a borehole.


Dear Ralph, Agnes, Willeke & Neighbours,

Mulibwanji? (I've been reading the new information :lol: )

It's good to see Mutendere back so soon.

Now I'm getting used to it, I'm liking the new Nabuur more and more :-) I hope the new interface entices lots of new neighbours to join us.

Take care all,


In case anyone is looking for them, like I was :-)

You can find them on the Issue tab, under Focus ..Read more.... - at the bottom of the page.

Here is a direct link [url=]Old Messages & Documents[/url]



Welcome to the Mutendere village Dr.Saxena.

I hope we can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

Best regards


Hope all is well with everyone :)

We received the full CD of King World School from Willeke a couple of days ago (thanks Willeke!) and it's really wonderful! To hear the children speaking and singing and Ralph, Agnes and teachers talking about the school is really great. Our two small children were joining in with some of the children's singing :D


Fundraising seems to be taking off now:

1. Carrie's school in the US are starting to make plans for discussing Mutendere with the students and asking them to think of and work on fundraising ideas. There's also possibility of other schools in the area joining in.

2. As you may know, Marty (my husband) and I run a fair trade retail business and we are going to be donating 10% from all our sales to King World School. We're also going to be using the awareness raising projects we do with schools and organisations in the UK to try and find individuals or groups who will become sponsors for the individual children (and teachers!) who still need them.

3. Willeke (Mutendere facilitator) held a market stall in her local town in the Netherlands a couple of weekends ago selling Africans craft products. She made 400 Euros (498USD)!! Congratulations Willeke! Willeke and her friends and family are already sponsoring a teacher and three children and she continues to look for more sponsors!

4. Ralph, you haven't broken your good news here yet??! :-D Congratulations to Ralph, he will be attending a meeting of African Nabuur Village Representatives in Kenya in October!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Ralph and Agnes yesterday and learning more about King World School, the children, the staff and life in Mutendere.

It's great to see fundraising underway, but speaking to Ralph and Agnes, it's apparent that the funding of the day to day running of the school as it is now needs to be covered before any work on the new school can begin.

So. any more fundraising ideas? :)


How does everyone feel about having a
page on dedicated to posting
subjects and links of interest to all
communities world-wide?


Clean Water
Food Production
Medical & Health
Good Government (Transparency Int'l, etc.)
Fund Raising

We have common interests in every
If we had a place to more easily share
information -- the world can benefit.

If you think should have a
General Interest page, perhaps we
could ask,
George Hoogendoorn
Project Manager NABUUR.COM

Thank you,



I read your letter Victor with a lot of interest. You could not be far from truth when you said that 'We have common interests in every community.If we had a place to more easily share information -- the world can benefit.' I can't agree with you enough! Lets go ahead and ask Nabuur to provide a page for that sort of imfomation. I have claudia here in Nairobi with me I will talk to her and hear her view together with her big sister Edmee.

I get to you soon,



Hello all,

Just touched base on Sunday the 9th October 2005, (after one week away in Nairobi Kenya) and safely too. In my own opinion, air travel is the thrillest mode of transport ever.Guess what,? I got a window seat!! wasn't that great? I requested for it and it was given. Doesen't the Bible say ask and it will be given? I owe it to you and nabuur for your suport and prayers. Thanks for everything you are doing for our community Nabuur,

I must hastly mention here that my community has recieved a laptop from Nabuur. This was handed over to me at the end of the worksop in Nairobi Kenya. We (25 participants from 7 African countries) were given one minute to convice Edmee and Claudia, why your community needed a computer and why you and not the other community. Well to cut the story shot, I stood up and told Edmee and Claudia the important of a computer for my community and herer it is.

This will make work easier for us. And we hope also it can get cooler soon We are looking forward to some rains to cool us somehow, It's close to 35c.

Hey!, did I tell you that I got the window seat on Kenyan Aiways? It was so thrilling to watch God's handy work. Those major rivers just a thin line meandering on the
earth.The 2hour and 20 minutes in the air is the most thrilling experience ever.

It was a pleasure that you are thinking along with us here in Mutendere community. I know I voice the opinion of the group of Mutendere community here in Zambia and the school going children here at King World School and their teachers, that I had the previllage to lead, when I say
a sincere thank you to you all our neibghours for thinking with us in a bid to find solutions to the problems we are grappling with in our community and wanting to equip us with information too. we are greatful for your interest for our wellbeing.

Lastly may I also mentione quickly here that our school was closed for one week due to a death of the land load. (husband) They ocupied 3 rooms in front and the behind is where the school is but under one roof. The teachers cleard 4 rooms off the desks and locked them in one to creat space for the monners to sleep in. Now you see why we need a school building of our own.

Lets keep the discussions going

We love you all


P.A.S.T. Post Atrocity Syndromes of Terror: Treatment Beyond Trauma

Hi All!

Guess I'm gonna be the DEW DROP INN to all of The Nabuur Children's Villages:

My only hope is that your response will be,
DO DROP IN, Sangoma Azania.

Warm regards.


We write to introduce King World School in Mutendere which aims to educate the orphans and vulnerable children in our community so they can be better placed in society and become 'Kings' in their own world. It is a community school set up by King World Missions, a charity organization which sets out to assist orphans and widows in Kalingalinga and Mutendere compounds.
The school opened its doors to the community on April 1 this year and has already got 31 children attending pre-school and nursery, 12 and 19 respectively. The school intends to start Grade one in January 2006. It receives a little support from private sponsors in the US and the Netherlands, who each pay for one child that cannot afford paying (even the low) fees. As you can see on the pictures, we use the small yard for varying play attire, games and sport, which helps these children to relax and feel at home.
King World Missions initiated this project in order to:
  1. Promote the rights of women and children in the community
  2. Mitigate the impact poverty and HIV/AIDS have on women, orphans and vulnerable children. 
  3. Protect the children from drugs, violence and abuse and boost their selfesteem.
  4. Empower the children through education.
5. Discover talents in the children through sport.

Help us find a school we can twin to help us fundrise



Dear all,

Please welcome our two new members, Manuel and Javier to Mutendere :-)

We look forward to working with you both :)


Sara :-D


Warmest greetings!!!

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my Zambian folk and all those who visited and those who would like to visit my country a happy independence day!!! Just like you all I am forever proud of my home, my country, my culture, and my people which is why I choose to be happy and celebrate today and take time to thank God for the peace that we enjoy in Zambia. I know many countries that have not known peace on single day and still have to deal with other problems that we face too and I just realize that God has blessed Zambia regardless of what economic state we may be in, who has stolen what and who is exploiting whom, I believe we have so much to be thankful to God for....

On this day, 41yrs ago, the instruments of independence were signed, on this day Zambia was no longer under the oppression of colonial rule, on this day we said "we are free to run our own land, to elect our own people," on this day a democracy was born, a seed was sown. So wherever you may be on this day, whether in alaska or Finland, Jamaica or North Korea....take a moment to reflect back on what makes today special and say "Thank you Jesus for the peace Zambia has known." Zambia is blessed with good weather (no hurricanes), great people, natural resources, peace, a nation with God's hand upon it (declared a Christian nation), nad many other things. So instead of talking down on your country be proud of it today if not any other day....even if u hate it today say "I'm a proud Zambian!" I am very passionate about my country and my people, even though people say my country is poor and a third world country and insignificant, i still hold my head high and say "I'm a proud Zambian!!" Thank you for representing my country wherever you are and keep the Zambian flag flying even higher....

I also want to say thank you to all the sportsmen and women, students, and all those who help put Zambia on the world map, you are our Zambian ambassadors. Rest in peace Lottie Mwale, (Boxer) you made us proud!!


"Winners never quit, quitters never win!"
PROUDLY ZAMBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In God there are no insignificant people.

Zambia is creating and growing
every day because of citizens like
Agnes Chisenga.
The independence of Zambia is a
new hope for our world, and God.

Let us all work for a prosperous
and peaceful future for Zambia.

In God we hope and trust.
Thank you Jesus our Christ.

Happy Birthday Zambia



Agnes, thank you for your story about Zambia! I love Zambia as well, as you know I lived in Kalingalinga/Mutendere for a month and it was so great to live with Christine (widow, 32, 3 kids, member of the board of KWM), her 2 kids and Ralph and Agnes! I was shocked about the life in townships in Zambia: no water, no toilet, no shower, lack of food, unemployment and HIV/AIDS... But the people are so great! They're really friendly and helpful (they teached me how to eat with my hands!), it's amazing!
Let's help these people together to realise their dream: a school!!!

Thank you, Willeke