Promoting Animal Husbandry for Youth

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The youths of Muyuka are mainly youth delinquents, school drop outs and drug addicts. These youths drop out of school because of drugs, they can not afford schooling and the most aching is that the girls leave school when they get pregnant and never return to school even after putting to birth. This has lead to a situation in which much of the youths labour force is been wasted as most young people who get involved in drugs end up behind bars.

Organisation of African youths is therefore working on a project to start up an animal husbandry training center, so that these youths can learn skills that will improve their lives and then can they be able to provide for schooling and develop their self esteem. When this is done, the youths will be able to afford for school, provide for their basic needs, youth mothers will be thought on how to improves on their lives and reintegrate them into the society.

Once this project is started, about 30 youths will be trained monthly on techniques on how to take care of animals such as chicken, pigs, goats etc and these youths will be given the opportunity to start up their own projects.


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