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  • I proposal the following simplified business plan or project plan.these are just heading onthe various partof the plan
    1. cover page
    should include,name of the business
    contact address and amount
    2.executive summary
    written last contain summary of the plan
    3 business background and objectives
    refer to history of the business in the sector
    location etc
    in business objective we have overall and specific objective
    4 marketing plan
    should have
    -the market
    -terget market segment
    -competatiton(swot anaalysis)
    -marketing strategy
    -consider other factors

  • Hi all,

    As you will see in the draft Solar Cooking Plan attached above, I have contaced several organisations who may be able to assist. I have received the following reply from :
    Hello Angela,

  • The DVDs will arrive in about 3 weeks. They are DVDs, not CDs, and play on a computer. I will send a video DVD and it will play on a dvd player.


  • hello Rick and Jenny,
    An advisor at Water Aid sent me the following information:
    A PDF with comprehensive notes on rain water harvesting.
    and mono pumps Australia
    website link:-, who manufacture and supply solar powered pumps for agricultural use. Recently they were in the process of looking at marketing solar powered pumping installations across Africa and may have some prices for installations in Uganda.

    I'm waiting for a response from Good Earth Trust,

  • One of the problems the village faces is post harvest storage. here is a document I found about weevils in Eastern Kenya. Is this the same problem in Uganda?

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  • hi,
    I got a positive email from Good Earth Trust, from Lisa, their country representative in Uganda:

    Good Earth promotes appropriate technologies and currently is focusing on Interlocking Stabilised Soil Block (ISSB) Technology. ISSB uses a machine press to compress a mixture of subsoil (murram) and cement into an interlocking block. These blocks do not need to be fired but cure in the sun, thus cutting out the need for fuel wood needed to make fired bricks effective. ISSBs can be used in constructions for homes, schools, clinics and RWH tanks.

  • Further to my post above, the following additional information will also be useful :

    Since agriculture is a major activity in all villages, hence it becomes necessary to adopt measures in agriculture where the consumption of water can be minimized. Only then the benefits of rainwater harvesting can be truly realized, since otherwise the water collected through rainwater harvesting will be simply drained away during the process of farming by not utilizing controls on consumption of water.

    A popular method if saving water during agriculture is through the use of drip irrigation systems.

  • hi Sinéad,

    What about contacting i to-to i They have offices in England and America but I think their main office is in Waterford, We should find out what criteria they use in picking projects for volunteers.
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  • Hi Nabitende community, Am just wondering how far you have gone with this project.My gates are open and am willing to give a hand in whole heartedly for it to be a success. Please forward to me your full contacts and we see what can be done at the moment. Otherwise this is a great project worth giving a hand.

  • hi all,
    Some good news about the training for the cooperative:

    On the 20th of March, Paddy travelled to Kampala and Ebenezer Foundation joined the organisation NOGAMU. NOGAMU have agreed to give Nabitende a visit after being put on the list of farmers for 2009. I have attached Paddy's receipt here.

    This is great news, as this organisation provides training to farmers and helps with finding markets for produce. It can also be an organisation to bounce ideas of for the newly formed cooperative Butabala Cooperative Society in Nabitende.