Pictures of your recent trips to Naigobya-Oeganda you requested

Hello Volunteers, these are the pictures you requested me to upload during your previous trips

Dear Volunteers, here are the pictures you took during your previous trips that you requested me to upload for you to have a look. Do not miss out, register with us so that we can schedule which period would be best for you to Volunteer/ support.

Registrations for Trips to Naigobya village for Volunteering/supporting the Children Development programmes are now open for those volunteers who are ready to offer their time to support the children in need.

Volunteer offer carry out a number of activities like reduction of Psychological torture, influence and trauma to marginalized Orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) through talk therapy.

When parents die, some children suffer, others are denied of Basic Quality Education , some are subjected to torture by some guardians . This forces some of them to leave their guardians homes and go to streets for street life hence for us we are trying to avoid this by sensitizing mass on the children” rights.

Meanwhile, Education is an integral component that is why Volunteers from the Netherlands are providing comprehensive and diversified services to these children.

It also helps children to enjoy their childhood.

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