Water for Life brings joy and happiness to Nakyerongosa

Your donation has brought good life to my family.......help other families too receive what I have got!!

Mrs. Amanda Ruzida who is 79 years of Kiteredde village, Nakyerongosa Parish, Kakiri Sub-County is one of the beneficiaries of the Water and Sanitation Project supported by COMASA. She was assisted through construction of a water jar and an improved pit latrine in her home.

She had the following story to tell the world: I am an elderly person who had lost hope of living in a good and healthy environment and have easy access to clean water. I stay with seven grandchildren who comprise of four girls and three boys. Out of these seven grand children, five are orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS some years back.

I was a helpless person who had a poor, unsafe latrine that was cracked, had a big squat hole, unroofed and without a door. As an elder in my community, I was ashamed to have a poor latrine and be in a poor sanitation situation but I had nothing to do because my children died long ago and there was nobody to come to my assistance. I was indeed very desperate.

With such a worrying situation, there came good Samaritan people known as Combined Masonry and Sanitary Association (COMASA) and supported me with a two stanced pit latrine with a wash room and a rain harvesting water jar of 2,500 liters. It was indeed a miracle to me.

I am very happy to say that there is no more shame and worry in my family. I have an excellent pit latrine where I can go and have no worry for myself and the grandchildren. Even when I get visitors, I am not ashamed when they want to visit the latrine.

I am able to access clean water whenever I want to. My grandchildren no longer trek long distances to collect clean water for domestic use. We are in good health and are happy. I am enjoying every bit of my life and although I am 79 years, I do have hope of living longer. "Water is Life".

I want to take this opportunity to appreciate every one who has ensured that success comes to my home namely; Local Council 1 Chair person, Mr.Tushabe Bruce of Kiteredde village, COMASA trained volunteers who elected me to be a beneficiary. However, for COMASA I am speechless because they have done a lot for me and I can never forget their kindness. Last but not least to the supporters from London who gave me this donation.

Long live all my good Samaritans and may God reward you abundantly.

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