News: Nakyerongosa

Access to safe water brings hope to Nakyerongosa village, Uganda

Did you know that easy access to safe clean water means good health? One of COMASA (Combined Masonry and Sanitary Association) officials asked Mrs. Nakalyowa. Mrs. Nakalyowa narrates her story thus...

Implementing the water, hygiene and sanitation project in Nakyerongosa

For the last two years, the Nakyerongosa (Uganda) community has been engaged in the task of increasing access among the people to safe water, latrines and good hygiene practices. Awareness has been increased among the people of the need for good hygiene practices to a certain extent.

A Reason to Smile – A Success Story From Nakyerongosa, Uganda

What a project can achieve if all parties work together, the representative and beneficiaries!

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