Nakyerongosa Community Resource Centre

Status: Just started

After successfully implementing the playschool and day care centre for the children, COMASA felt a need to establish a community resource centre. This idea came about due to Nakyerongosa village being located in a rural area and having a disadvantaged population in terms of accessibility to reading materials. None of the Primary schools and Secondary schools in the area have a library.

Among the planned activities for the centre include storytelling for children, health information sessions on hygiene and HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation and other issues, literacy and numeracy classes, and discussion clubs on local topics will be set up.

The resource centre has received support from one of the retired community trainer who donated a few of his books because he wanted to give something back to the community. The people are beginning to realise the resource centre is a great source of knowledge and it is making a world of difference for children whose schools are too poor to afford books.

It is hoped that the centre will be stocked with books for all levels, ranging from nursery to secondary education levels. All the major books on the Uganda school syllabus will be available at the community resource centre. The daily Luganda Newspaper will be available to the community to learn more about what is happening in the country.

The objectives of the community resources centre are to create a conducive atmosphere for information gathering and networking and provide education and resources; create a learning place for students from Wakiso District and provide information on areas of concern for the whole community.

I do appeal to individuals and organisations who are in a position to provide reading materials to come to the assistance of the resource centre.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Needs urgent helpHelp us get reading books, reference books and toys for the Community Resource Centre62015-11-24 05:33Two weeks or more