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  • Collette-

    This is a very comprehensive guide put together by the US Department of Agriculture on raising snails:

    It should be quite helpful to you. It also contains references to multiple other resources at the end if you require additional information.

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  • Dear All,
    Greetings from Cameroon
    I wish to inform you that the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary school that started on the 1st of February 2009 with poor children has received its first volunteer in the person of Ted Cunningham from UK.For more information about Ted experience working with the children, you can read an update on his profile.
    Ted is very happy to be in Cameroon and enjoy working with the children. He teaches English, Mathematics and engaged the children in all sort of sporting activities.

    Ted pictures 2.jpg
  • We,at Nkolfoulou school will soon start.

    We,at Nkolfoulou school will soon start.

  • Hi Romina,
    We will be extremely happy if the video is added at the home page of Nabuur.Concerning the addition of a little introduction text,how do you mean? I dont understand what you mean.Which type of text are you talking about?Will be happy to do that right away

  • The school began mid-February with one of our dedicated and devotion volunteers -Ted Cunningham from UK who made sure these children were not leave behind in terms of education despite their poor background. Most of the children have lost one or both parents and could not afford to go to school. CAPEC is offering them FREE Education at their school.

  • Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    Greetings from our community.In some few weeks,the Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School shall resume classes.In this acedemic year 2009/2010,we are bend on giving you all lastest development and current activities which shall be happening in our community.We are still in need of a facilitator.Meanwhile during the long break,we organised a Holiday program for the kids known as "Hello Kids".

    It is a children holiday program with the following objectives:

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  • hello there!

    Try these site - Also I have uploaded the following pdf's. I hope it helps :-)