News: Ololosokwan

Visit to International trade fair

Dear Neighbours,

Greetings to all of you and hope that you are healthy. I have been to Dar-es-Salaam to attend the 31st international trade fair. There was a lot to see but my interest was on beekeeping.

Populating the hives

The beekeeping group at Ololosokwan has and maintains 10 hives; 6 with bee colonies. Using the information and materials from the village neighbours, we have been able to populate the rest of 3 hives with bee colonies. At the moment the 10...

Current News from Ololosokwan

Being on the edge of a famous national park in Tanzania (if not Africa), Ololosokwan is experiencing a great desire from tour operatprs for its beustiful land for investment.

Welcome to my village

Welcome to Ololosokwan!

Ololosokwan is inhibited by the pastoral Masai who keep livestock as a traditional symbol of identity and as a means for providing the family with food.

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