Educational materials for remedial teaching

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In India we have a schooling system where public schooling is for free. This education often is not good at all and it is much better for a child to attend a private school. However, this is too costly for many children.

We have set up a child sponsorship program, but of course we can’t help all children this way. So we also set up a Remedial School in the slums of Pondicherry to give extra schooling to children that attend the public school. The past few years have taught us that the children improved their results on their exams. (This has been our pilot project and now we are actually looking for ways to start up more remedial schools).

Since 2006 we have a remedial school in the slums of Pondicherry. Currently we have between 30-40 children that attend the remedial school every day (between 6 and 8 pm) to give them extra education to improve their results in the public school. After every exam (once a year) we evaluate our work and decide on the focus of the upcoming year (for example if students need more training in math, that would be the focus of the next year).


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