Meet the neighbours


dear neighbour, it is good to see you here.

Please take the time to introduce yourself here, so we can get to know each other and we can work together.

" So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face "



Welcome All
I am Niranjan from Bangalore and am interested in doing something for thsi community.


Hello. I am an Australian nurse working in Canada. I have been working with Puthalpattu for the past few months and enjoy the challenge of making SCAN's project successful.

I am currently investigating funding sources and also seeking informal support/information from other similar creches available for children in rural areas of india.

It's good to finally be back online at Nabuur.

Hi Niranjan. Take a look at some of the current 'issues' and let us know what type of things you are interested in helping us with.



Hello Rupak,
Congratulations for having joined Puthalpattu as Facilitator. I am sure that with your enthusiam, your commitment and widesubject area interest you will be able to make progress in Puthalpattu village.
I am from Pondicherry, settle until recently in Bangalore, now in California. I am retired from FAO/UN. My interest is to share my experience in sustainable agriculture and rural development, at grass root level, to lift up rural communities from poverty and ignorance by taking family as a unit with emphasis on the youth, women and children.
Please let me know how I would be able to help you based on the realities and the aspirations of Puthalpattu communities.
My sugestions would be that you do not formulate project proposals for the sake of obtaining funds, but as per the real need of the communities. Many of the activities can be initiated by the women groups with the little fund they could mobilize, once they are empowered. We need to play a catalyzer role by seeking funds in areas most needed by the communities in close consultation with them and their participation.
Happy to be able to work with you and know your reaction.


:-) Hi Francis Mouttapa , Jenelle and Niranjan

Thank you for your introduction and suggestion. It seems that U r very much dedicating yourself for the sake of Humanity. Really U r dreamer of a better future.

After talking with local representative John about the need of the local people I will start new discussion because the problems are the problems of reality.

Jenelle thank U for the hyperlinks those are great.

Rupak Ghosh :-)


Hi all,

In Puthalpattu many children lack proper health care, basic education and nutritious food. Due to poverty in their families children never go to school or drop out at an early age to engage in agriculture and other menial jobs to support their parents. Many children do not even enter the nursery and primary levels of education.

The local community needs effective funding for development and progress. The practical problems is that the local representative can not collect funding when he go through the web address suggested by our neighbors in previous discussions in the last year.

So I am requesting U to give your idea about funding agents who will help our community to collects funding or the sources from where the community can collect necessary funding.

I am requesting your active assistance for this purpose.

kind regards,

Rupak Ghosh :-)


Hello everyone. I graduated from college last year where I studied Economics and International relations. I am currently living in New York City.

A few questions, I suppose as an update from the posts before the reconstruction of the nabuur website. Is SCAN-INDIA certified for tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3), in the United States?

I am scanning the internet for basic plans, or formats for developing childcare centers. A lot of good articles and case studies from the unicef website. I will sort through the articles and see if there is anything useful or applicable.

Best regards,


Hi Sarah,

SCAN does not have 501(c) status - the application is quite lengthy. At the moment I am working with another orgainzation in the US with the hope to have contributions through their org to SCAN in order to offer donors a tax receipt. Also trying to do the same here in Canada.

Thanks for your thoughts and attention to this issue,

Let us know if you identify any potential funding sources or programs relevant to the work of SCAN.

Kind regards, Jenelle


Hello Rupak
Thanks for your e-mail. I do know the realities and the problems of our poor children in the urban slum urban and rural areas.I am full of compassion for them,but I am not good at mobilising international resources. Have you contacted UNICEF at local level?
I would rather suggest that you try to mobilise resources at local/State/National levels by networkinkwith NGOs having similar objectives. Also Women groups at village level in a small way can be of help in providing small loans for sending children to school . I know it may not be easy but feasible provided there is a will.
Try to move in a small way by mobilising and motivating women and youth groups at village level by taking family as a unit. In the beginning if you are able to send 2 or 3 poor children to school in a year it is already a big achievement. The thing is to start the process the rest will follow. I think it is for that purpose Nabuur has appointed a national coordinator at village level. I do not know what are the means provided to this coordinator to act at village level. I would not recommend mobilization of funds for building school etc.. These are white elephant proposals for which you will not be able to mobilise international resources. My suggestion is that you start to network with Ngos with similar objective and try mobilise resources at national level whatever small it may be.
Also the village community need to be consulted and their views and priorities need to be tidentified and taken into consideration.


hi all,

I think U all r fine.

U suggests some great idea. I will inform John about those suggessions. I think U r suggession will be helpful for the local community.

kind regards,



Welcome to all the new neighbours. Rupak our new facilitator is already online. Thanks for all your suggestions. Right now I am involved in a project planning process in the community. I would also like to see our previous neighbours participate actively in the discussion.


Hi Rupak, Johnson, Jenelle, Francis - good friend from Kyarumba, Uganda :-) - and all.

I have just joined as a neighbour, and am going to read all the information before contributing.

However, I first wanted to ask if everyone is safe and well in Puthalpattu - we have news reports here of major flooding in Andhra Pradesh.

With best wishes



Hello Mr.Dennis,
Thanks for your enquiry about Puthalpattu. We are all safe here and infact we are experiencing drought at present. We are situated on the other end of our state close to chennai & Bangalore. The other districts especially Vishakapatnam and Vijayawada area in Andhrapradesh are the most affected in the recent floods. Anyway it was nice to know you online. Stay in touch.


Hello Denis,
Happy to know that you have joined this village. I feel we need to give here a push. We are all waiting for the planning exercise being undertaken by Johnson to know more about the priorities needs of Puthalpattu.


Hello all

Here are some words I am placing in all the discussion threads right now... If you've read this first bit elsewhere, there is more that is different below... :-)

I have been asked by Nabuur just now to help out with facilitation in this village with its very important project. If you read this, and if you want to be part of discussion and be notified of future messages, please just add a contribution (or 'reaction') which need only be 'Hello' or (I will follow discussion' and then, before placing your comment here, tick the box that says (on the page where you can write) 'Notify me when others add reactions.'

Then we can build a community together.

I will be talking with Johnson in the next few days about what we do next and then we can have a good discussion IF we have the pleasure of your company. :-)


I am in Australia, I have lived and worked also in Asia (China and the Philippines), in Europe (Italy) and North America (Washington DC) and spent a career in government service in various areas. My career was interrupted several times by health problems and I rejoice that now we have the internet to help us maximize our connection to the world from home.

The project we have here is very important... it brings together themes which impact on all our lives, as children or parents... maximising the potential for all.

Not least because I have my own children and have learned to learn from them :-) I think that every person has something to contribute and deserves to be heard. Every idea is of value, especially incomplete ideas, because they are sometimes the easiest to build into new visions and plans.

I hope we can all work together in that kind of spirit. I look forward to good company. What we seek to do is a great challenge, but lets make it fun too, by welcoming each other!

best wishes

[appointed facilitator, 7 October 2005]