Find an organization willing to donate (used) computers

Status: Finished

We need to contact the organizations from our list and find one which is willing to donate (used) computers.

Hi guys, GREAT NEWS!!
This is the e-mail I just got from the

Liane here from Free Geek. You apllied for a hardware grant with us, and it got approved.
I am sorry the emails have been blank. I am sending them through our ticket tracking system, and usually don't have a problem.

I just send you the message one more time, please let me know if it was
blank again.


This means you guys have A COMPUTER!!!
Now I have to figure out how much it is going to cost to get it over there, and then somehow we need to come up with funding for that.

I just wrote Liane back and asked her what I do next.

Hope you guys get this message,
Best wishes to all, and YAY!!


Dear all,

Due to circumstances Ana has not been online for while. I am not sure when she will be able to participate online again.

This is why I have found a new facilitator for Ronkh. His name is Neil Duncan. I am sure he will be in touch with you shortly!

Best regards,



Thank you Neil Duncun for becoming a new facilitator of Ronkh Village
We appreciate the job of Anna too and hope her mother feel better to join us soon.

Best Regards


:lol: 2 Oct 2006 16.59.03 NeilDuncan says:

2 Oct 2006 16.59.10 pelle aardema says:
Hi Neil

2 Oct 2006 16.59.48 NeilDuncan says:
is baku online?

2 Oct 2006 17.00.29 pelle aardema says:
i Just invited him to the chat

2 Oct 2006 17.01.08 pelle aardema says:
Hello Baka,

2 Oct 2006 17.01.23 NeilDuncan says:
hi baka

2 Oct 2006 17.01.35 Baka Ndao says:
Hello Neil,Pelle good to see you

2 Oct 2006 17.02.24 NeilDuncan says:
Baka . Did u get my email , i was wondering if so if you had a chance to think about it.

2 Oct 2006 17.02.24 pelle aardema says:
good to see both of you online

2 Oct 2006 17.02.53 Baka Ndao says:
Sorry for miss you last thursday due by my wiress Network in my laptop

2 Oct 2006 17.03.26 Baka Ndao says:
yes i get your email

2 Oct 2006 17.05.04 pelle aardema says:
ok.. should we introduce ourselves first and then talk about the project?

2 Oct 2006 17.06.30 Baka Ndao says:
you nkow with Ana we got some proposal for computer and the next was shipping after that Ana did not show because of her mother

2 Oct 2006 17.07.22 pelle aardema says:
yes, her mother is very ill... and she lives in Portugal, where Ana is now

2 Oct 2006 17.08.22 pelle aardema says:
are you still there Neil?

2 Oct 2006 17.08.34 NeilDuncan says:
Ok. I have worked for IBM for 32 years in the UK in France and the usa. I retired from IBM last year and have been working for a charity on a number of projects. This is my first for Nabuur.

2 Oct 2006 17.09.19 pelle aardema says:
I am Pelle, 31 yrs old, from the Netherlands

2 Oct 2006 17.09.30 Baka Ndao says:
My name is Baka i'm from Ronkh right now i'm in US but i communucate every day people in Ronkh

2 Oct 2006 17.10.06 pelle aardema says:
I work at Nabuur as online community manager, which means i monitor villages and help out facilitators and local reps if needed

2 Oct 2006 17.10.22 pelle aardema says:
I have a background in (project) management and IT

2 Oct 2006 17.11.27 NeilDuncan says:
Baka. If i look at this project we seem to have some very good neighbours who want to help , clearly we want to keep them on board. Are you happy with the shape of the project currently or do u think we need to revisit itt

2 Oct 2006 17.11.54 Baka Ndao says:
my gool is to participe to the development of this village,they are all farmer

2 Oct 2006 17.13.02 Baka Ndao says:
soryy.i need to keep the project

2 Oct 2006 17.13.43 Baka Ndao says:
and keep them on board

2 Oct 2006 17.16.43 Baka Ndao says:
for the next step i think we should contact people who all ready give us a computer and found mony to shipp in Senegal

2 Oct 2006 17.18.06 pelle aardema says:
what do you think we should start with, Neil?

2 Oct 2006 17.19.06 NeilDuncan says:
I think we need to look at who has agreed to give computers and what sort are they.

2 Oct 2006 17.19.17 Baka Ndao says:
contact people who are ready to give us a computer

2 Oct 2006 17.19.38 Baka Ndao says:
if they still have its

2 Oct 2006 17.20.11 NeilDuncan says:
This can be followed by what monies are available for the shipping of them then we need to look at setting them up and ongoing support and training.l

2 Oct 2006 17.20.36 pelle aardema says:
how many computers have you arranged?

2 Oct 2006 17.20.45 Baka Ndao says:
sound good

2 Oct 2006 17.21.22 NeilDuncan says:
Baka. Do you know how many computers have been promised?

2 Oct 2006 17.21.35 Baka Ndao says:
if we can get 10 for satart that will be great

2 Oct 2006 17.22.22 NeilDuncan says:
Has anyone committed any of those 10 or do we need to find them?

2 Oct 2006 17.23.09 Baka Ndao says:
If we go back to the neigbour contribution we will know

2 Oct 2006 17.24.06 pelle aardema says:
I remember there was a commitment for 8 screens (without computers)... but that won't be enough

2 Oct 2006 17.24.44 pelle aardema says:
Unless you know ways to ship the computers my advice would be to get them in or around Senegal...

2 Oct 2006 17.24.55 pelle aardema says:
shipment is usually pretty difficult

2 Oct 2006 17.25.18 pelle aardema says:
(and expensive)

2 Oct 2006 17.25.25 NeilDuncan says:
I am slightly worried about the compatability of the computers, good point regarding shipping..

2 Oct 2006 17.26.33 Baka Ndao says:
Why try to get 10 in one area so we can shipp them together

2 Oct 2006 17.28.39 NeilDuncan says:
Pelle/Baka . Can i make a suggestion. If i review all the inputs we have had from all of the neighbours and try and establish where we are and what we need to do. We can then look at bridging the gap between the two wants and needs and try to get an agreed plan.

2 Oct 2006 17.29.27 pelle aardema says:
That would be great! I had a quick look....

2 Oct 2006 17.29.44 pelle aardema says:
so far I didn't see a big amount of computers promised

2 Oct 2006 17.29.53 Baka Ndao says:
yes .that will be great

2 Oct 2006 17.30.05 pelle aardema says:
there are a lot of links for companies that could do the shipment

2 Oct 2006 17.30.26 pelle aardema says:
and a start was made with the businessplan

2 Oct 2006 17.30.58 pelle aardema says:
It would be good to wrap it up and present an overview.... somehow

2 Oct 2006 17.32.12 NeilDuncan says:
OK. Shall i take the action to try and put an overview together by the end of this week and send it to you both for review. We can then decide the next steps.

2 Oct 2006 17.32.39 Baka Ndao says:

2 Oct 2006 17.33.30 pelle aardema says:
are there any other questions you have? about the community, nabuur, anything else?

2 Oct 2006 17.33.56 NeilDuncan says:
Pelle Are u happy with that approach

2 Oct 2006 17.34.17 pelle aardema says:
yes i am very happy with that approach... exuberant

2 Oct 2006 17.34.38 Baka Ndao says:
did nabuur are a database for company of shipping

2 Oct 2006 17.34.38 pelle aardema says:
and please consider it your project... so choose your approach ;-)

2 Oct 2006 17.35.01 pelle aardema says:
no, we don't have a database of shipping companies yet...

2 Oct 2006 17.35.35 pelle aardema says:
there were some good experiences with DHL (sending computers for charity)

2 Oct 2006 17.36.05 pelle aardema says:
and we have recently found an organization in the Netherlands that does shipments for charities (pretty cheap)

2 Oct 2006 17.36.11 NeilDuncan says:
I think when we get the overview it will bring out other questions regarding the easth

2 Oct 2006 17.37.32 Baka Ndao says:
so try to get the overview and get a piont to start

2 Oct 2006 17.38.41 NeilDuncan says:
Baka . One question regarding the community , are there any IT skills currently in the village who could help in establishing the centre and training?.n

2 Oct 2006 17.39.59 Baka Ndao says:
no, but i was thinking peace corp America who wark in Senegal

2 Oct 2006 17.40.33 pelle aardema says:
are they in the Ronkh area?

2 Oct 2006 17.40.36 NeilDuncan says:
ok good point. An avenue to explore.

2 Oct 2006 17.41.11 Baka Ndao says:
i know one but not an IT

2 Oct 2006 17.43.24 Baka Ndao says:
i can do some contact for peace corp if we can get an IT

2 Oct 2006 17.43.45 pelle aardema says:
that would be a good start!!

2 Oct 2006 17.44.19 pelle aardema says:
so... shall we meet again once Neil has made the overview?

2 Oct 2006 17.45.20 Baka Ndao says:
think y'all for your contribution and be save!

2 Oct 2006 17.45.27 NeilDuncan says:
Good look forward to chatting again soon.

2 Oct 2006 17.45.50 pelle aardema says:
bye for now!



Is the a chance you could put a generic letter together that we could use to send to organisations who may contribute computers. The list of possible providers is extremely useful, we have to establish the best method of approaching them.

Thanks for you help. Neil


Of course I will put a general letter together. I will get it to you by this weekend. Is that okay or do you need it sooner?
Best wishes,
=o) Renee'

P.S. I have two computers to send, we have no funding to send them with, how can I get them to the village?



The weekend is fine absolutely no problem. Can I ask you to hold onto the computers I am currently exploring possible ways of funding the shipping, not easy , however will endeavour to find a solution.




This seems a very worthwhile site

Even though they will provide ,shipping and receiving costs still have to be found.



Well, I have done a lot of research into finding donation sites of computers, that doesnt seem to be the problem; the problem is finding funding. That is always the main issue. We have to come up with some creative ideas on how to get funding.
=o) Best wishes, Renee'


Hi, I have a question and an idea before I go ahead and write a general letter. I was wondering; Does the village have a bank account that donations can be sent to directly?? If not, why not go ahead and set one up so that if I am talking to different organizations, I can have the money directly sent to that bank account? I believe that the issue is not so much in finding the computers, because I have two here and can easily get more, but really, the funding for shipping costs is the issue. Could we set up a bank account for the village or the village organization wanting to set up the computers site and then I can go ahead and write a general letter of request for funds and then another for computers? Thanks guys, best wishes to all and hope you are all doing well!! =o) Renee'



Renee's idea is a good one, is this feasible has it been done before?.



I have been speaking to computer aid, a charity that will provide computers, to try and get some sort of idea of costs

They will provide 15 computers, second hand however completely refurbished for £39 a computer. I then asked about shipping to Senegal (Dakar) . The total cost would be £1032 so approx just about $2500.

I know Baka said 10 wee needed however i was thinking of backup. If any neighbour has any brilliant ideas on raising $2500 i would be more than interested to hear. I will also give it some thought.




Could you contact Userful
This might solve the backup problem plus it would also set them up with a remote maintenace service. There maybe even more simple ways to create something like this however.

As far as funding, why not set up a donate account with Paypal

Just a thought.




Could you contact Userful
This might solve the backup problem plus it would also set them up with a remote maintenace service. There maybe even more simple ways to create something like this however.

As far as funding, why not set up a donate account with Paypal

Just a thought.



Hello Renee,Neil
I just talk with the Mutuel credit of Ronkh (Mecdelta/Ronkh) and we can get an account for the internet cafe of Ronkh in the Mutuel credit .so if we have any organization we would danate
i can give you the account number for the mutuel and they gonna send directly in our account
Best Reagard!