Find an organization willing to donate (used) computers

Status: Finished

We need to contact the organizations from our list and find one which is willing to donate (used) computers.

CHF International is an organization that has partnered up with Dell computers in order to successfully help villages, such as Ronkh, to set up what they need by donating computers and the like. Perhaps if we researched into their website, then we might be able to sign Ronkh up as a village on their site. What does everyone think? Or is this an option that has already been exhausted?


Hello all,
I just found a wonderful link through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for organizations and businesses that provide grants for specific things, computers, etc.
The link is,
There are forms you can click into and fill out.
I hope this is something we can successfully use!


:-D Dear Renee´,

Thanks for that. I have updated our Organisations List which is nearly completed...
Also we have had an offer from one of our neighbours, Indigo, for 8 used computer screens from the company she works for. That is great news but we now need to concentrate on organising the shipping.

I am delighted with such positive participation and the fact that everyone has been actively suggesting options and coming up with new ideas. Once again thank you everyone!

Warmest regards

Ana :-D


:lol: :lol: Hello Ana
A message from Renee
I was researching for more international organizations that donate computers. I found two more with application forms. You have the information to fill out the forms so I am sending them on to you. Here are the links.

Computer Aid International:


(may need to scroll down the page to get to the application form)


:lol: Dear Renee',
Thanks for this link and also for the message you sent to my private email offering your help to contact the companies.

The first step for you is to draft a message to send to them.

Of course the ones with application form we can fill that instead but not all have applications forms so we will need to draft a letter explaining what we are trying to achieve for Ronkh and then send/email to the companies.

So this is our next task...

Once again thanks for your great participation...

Warmest regards



Hello Ana,
I am going to write the draft for the e-mails I will be sending out and send it directly to you first and foremost so that you can review it and make changes. I will be sending that over e-mail I think, or if I cannot find that, I will get it to you somehow.

best wishes,


This is a list of shipping companies from London, to Senegal. I hope this is what you were wanting. I sent the list to Ana, but thought I should send it out to all neighbors in case anyone has the information that is needed and can look into these.
Best wishes to all!

Moving Company International- *(you can get a quote on shipping costs through this company online).-

*(companies listed on this website ship to Dakar, Senegal)
Sailings To:

*(when I typed in United Kingdom to Senegal they gave me this company:

P.A.S.T. Post Atrocity Syndromes of Terror: Treatment Beyond Trauma

15 Jun 2006 18.27.25 Frederica Azania Cla says:
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15 Jun 2006 18.27.53 Frederica Azania Cla says:
Commet va tu?

15 Jun 2006 18.28.29 Baka Ndao says:
Ca va bien

15 Jun 2006 18.28.49 Frederica Azania Cla says:
Thank you for inviting me to Rohkh to work on the Internet Cafe!

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I am really not an IT person. Communication is my thing, though.

15 Jun 2006 18.29.56 Frederica Azania Cla says:
How do you think I can help?

15 Jun 2006 18.30.24 Baka Ndao says:
j'aprend le web actuellement

15 Jun 2006 18.30.54 Frederica Azania Cla says:
I bet you do! So how can I help YOU?

15 Jun 2006 18.31.33 Baka Ndao says:
If you find an organization who donate an computer

15 Jun 2006 18.32.01 Frederica Azania Cla says:
Seems you might need two.

15 Jun 2006 18.32.04 Baka Ndao says:
that be help

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So you speak french?

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La Vache Qui Rie! Non?

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tu parle bien le francais

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So, let's speak in English...with French lessons for me...Okay?

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So it good to do some conversation in french

15 Jun 2006 18.37.17 Frederica Azania Cla says:
Merci beaucoup! I will try...from time to time. Thank you very much!

15 Jun 2006 18.37.48 Baka Ndao says:
Did you know Senegal?

15 Jun 2006 18.38.17 Frederica Azania Cla says:
Senegal...Which multinationals stand out there?

15 Jun 2006 18.39.12 Frederica Azania Cla says:
Whichever they are...they should be donating computers to Rohkh Village of Nabuur Foundation!

15 Jun 2006 18.40.19 Baka Ndao says:
Yes ,we try to get some computer

15 Jun 2006 18.40.44 Frederica Azania Cla says:
Don't think I can help you much more right now Baka...gotta get back to Kamenge Village where we are building a website. Talk with you again soon. Best of everything for Ronkh!
Stay in touch.
Sangoma Azania


Hi all,
I wrote to the board/administration of NABUUR with the idea that a general web page should be set up on the site so that villages can request specific fund allotment from administration (the money would be there for funding for specific things and villages would have to apply to administration on this site for the money) I got a letter back saying they are looking into doing something like this if they can find a partnering company/organization to help them. Hopefully this is something we might be able to apply for in the future if it is successful.
Anyhow, I downloaded a paperwork to fill out from Gifts In Kind, and I believe they waive the fee for International organizations to join, however, we would still have to pay shipping cost over the computer. Is there someone I can send this form to in the regular post? I dont have enough of the information to sign the village up. They do donate new computers. I dont know if it will be successful, but we should at least try. Perhaps we can see if they might be able to somehow waive the shipping cost, if they have funding for that. It's just an idea. I could write up the letter to ask for a waiver and include that with the other information I am sending on.
Best wishes to all,


Here is a link where people have things they want to get rid of...perhaps there are some computers on there that people do not want anymore.

Here is the link...

Best wishes,


Hi all,
I just wrote to Out Of to request a donation for the village. I am hoping it goes through. I will set up contacts to Ana, or Baka if they send back a positive reply.

Best wishes,


Here is Intel's grant page. I thought this might help in regards to getting computer donations. I dont have the information, so I am sending it on to you. I will send the address that this should be sent to in my next post.
Best wishes, Renee'

Intel Public Affairs Donation Request Form
Organization’s Legal Name: ___________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
Web site: __________________________________________________________________
Contact: ____________________ Title: ___________________ Phone: _______________
E-mail: _______________________ FAX: ______________________________________
Brief description of organization’s mission: _______________________________________
Request to Intel:
Amount Requested: _________________________________________________________
Brief description of request: ___________________________________________________
An application is not considered complete without the following information. Please attach to your
�� Narrative of the proposed program/project including:
• Program goals, objectives and issues to be addresses
• Program implementation dates
• Targeted audience/service area
• Description of how the program/project will be evaluated
�� Itemized program budget including income/expenses and confirmed and pending sources of
�� Description of other sources of support
�� List of Board of Directors
�� Organization budget
�� Audited Financial statement and/or most recent annual report


This is the only thing I could find, write to this e-mail and perhaps you can get an address of where the paperwork is to be sent.

Hope this works!


Hi all, Sorry it has been so long. Have there been any more new developments? I have a few more organizations that we could contact for computer donations. Do I need to be writing up a draft of a letter to send to these organizations or do we already have a general letter in place?
Okay, here are the links...

Trickle Up Program
Stated Purpose: to help the lowest income people worldwide take the first steps out of poverty, by providing conditional seed capital, business training and relevant support services essential to the launch or expansion of a microenterprise.

Give Something Back International Foundation
Stated Purpose: to provide life-changing, quality education to children, young adults, and teachers around the world.

National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources
For educational purposes: computers, etc.

Netaid: get computer donations from them

Outreach International
Stated Purpose: "to help people overcome the effects of poverty and to develop the capacity to create a new future for themselves and their community."

That is all for now. Lemme know what you think and about writing a general donation letter.
Thanks so much! Hope everyone is doing great!


Hi all,
I found a really cool program that the village youth MAY qualify for if we do it a certain way.
The link is:

Basically you have to tie it back to New Zealand and what it is is the Global Education Fund. Grants are anywhere from 2000 dollars to 15000 dollars. So, if you told them that the youth would spread global learning through keeping in contact with the youth of N.Z. then perhaps we could draw up some sort of a plan and send it in and then qualify for the monies so that you could buy the computers. Of course, that is not the only thing you would do with these computers, you would be using them for other things...but if you keep in contact with them somehow, then it just might work. Is this a good idea? Yes? No? Look it up under the link I provided and lemme know. It is another way to go about getting what the youth need. Just a thought.