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Parenting the Disabled

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There are many families in rural part of Kolwan valley with mentally challenged children. They are not aware about mental illness, how to handle such kids, how to train them and how to keep them occupied.

We need to work on these families too. I would like to have this as our project for NABUUR. How to organize such training---
Some facts are—
1. Families are poor and parents illiterates or semiliterates.
2. Mentally challenged children are grossly neglected. Medicines and other medical help cannot be given to them because of lack of money and also because of lack of facilities at village level.
3. Parents don’t know that such kids are trainable.
4. The kids can’t be brought to Sadhana Village because of physical distance. Also villages are not connected directly by public transport.Some of the kids have physical disability too.

These are some of the problems we have to keep in mind while discussing or planning training.


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