Update on the Orphanage

The children at Khandbari Orphanage are doing well thanks to support from abroad.

There are currently 9 children residing at the Khandbari Orphanage. The previous cook mother has left and there is now a young sister there to fill that role. She is still in school herself (grade 9) and Tejanath has seen to it that she was admitted to the school where he teaches after a 4-year gap in her education. She is very interested in staying on and serving the children at the orphanage to help send her brother to school.

Recently, the children received a donation from the USA - a charity knitters group at Granite Hills High School in California. The children are pictured here wearing some of the items they received.

Neighbour Tanja, from Slovenia, has also been a huge support. 12 total children have been sponsored through SESF thanks to her help. Tejanath says, "If Tanja had not helped the orphanage, it was in a position to close forever. The orphanage committee was already looking for another organization where we could admit the kids." The children are now receiving regular meals consisting of fruits, vegetables, meats and snacks.

Everyone is extremely grateful for the support that's been provided in the past year.

Children 2.jpg
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