INTRODUCE YOURSELF-Meet the Project Team

Tejanath-I wanted to make sure that you meet Jenny who just joined the project today. Jenny has a background in tourism, so I think that she will be a great help and able to offer good advice.

Jenny-welcome to the group! Things are just getting started here and Tejanath is hard at work on the ground in Nepal. Within the last two weeks, the Sankhuwasabha Tourism Committee was formed. The group met again last week to prepare paperwork to register the organization. Once they've had a chance to get all of these things accomplished they'll be ready to begin discussions about how to best move forward. This is where we'll come in.

Tejanath has just finished translating the strategic plan he's developed from Nepali to English so I hope to have that from him tomorrow so we can have a look and make suggestions for improvement as well.

Welcome again-we're happy to have you!



Hi Tejanath,

I hope you're doing well.

Just a reminder that Evan, the volunteer interested in facilitating, is eager to get started. Would you please reply to his email so that he can get an overview of the project and we can place him online as facilitator?



Dear Romina

Thanks for your posting and information about the facilitator.
Yes, I have sent Evan a short email.I am waiting for his reply.
more in my next posting.

Tejanath Pokharel


Hi everyone, my name is Steve Smith and I am a law student in the United States. I joined the Sankhuwasabha village to help market the Makalu Base Camp by writing and sharing project stories. I look forward to getting to know everyone!



Hi Steven T. Smith
Welcome to you to our Sankhuwasabha Village. On behalf of our project I would like to appreciate your interest to help us in writing story about our village.




I am rose. I am a new member. I would like to join in the team.I hope that I can help you village. Please tell me your village.



Dear Rose

I am very much pleased to receive and welcome you to our Sankhuwasabha village. I hope to receive feed back from you from time to time.

Please visit our website for our detail information.

I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

Tejanath Pokharel


Dear all neighbours,


On behalf of Sankhuwasabnha Education Scholarship Foundarion (SESF) committee as well as Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST) committee SESF children as well as all the inhabitants of Khandbari, I would like to extend my heartiest greetings and best wishes to you and your family on the auspicious occasion of Mary Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

May New Year bring happiness, peace, prosperity to us all!

Sincerely yours
Tejanath Pokharel
Sankhuwasabha Village


I am not new on this site but really i am begging you to connect my organization to Donor agencies who might be able to promote my projects.Rwenzri Mountains Baghuma Integrated association RAMBIA. We are in the process of initiating an Eco Tourism Katebwa Sub County. We are for people of good will who might be able help us to organise an Eco tourism project.
Not only eco tourism, we also have other projects which needs support like in health we need to make wards extention like Maternity ward,general ward, staff housing among others.
We are also looking for volunteers who would come to work with RAMBIA in Medical,education, agriculture, water and sanitaion.
I know you have done tremandous work for other projects you can use the same methodology to help this organization.
Thank you
Bwambale Daniel


Dear Bwanblae

Thanks for your posting. I wonder how I can help you. How we can help to one another and also share experience to each other.
It is difficult to advertise our program among the potential customers. If we had money for the advertise we could advertise our program. Since we do not have enough budget to pay for the advertisement we cannot advertise our program.
I have heard that we can advertise our program in free of cost.
I hope some volunteers will help us by providing us some ideas

Tejanath Pokharel


Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST), a nonprofit distributing trekking company established in Khandbari by Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF) would like invite you, your family, friends, and relatives as well as your co workers to take part in our community constructive trekking activities including volunteering opportunity around Makalu and Arun Valley region of eastern Nepal. A big part of the money spent by you will be used to support the SESF child education program and Khandbari orphanage program.
MAST characteristics
• MAST organizes, coordinates and facilitates the overall trekking and volunteering from Kathmandu to Makalu and Arun Valley Region of Nepal.
• Locally hired professional English guide and experienced porters dedicated to provide the best customer service and share their knowledge about the region are ready to accompany the trekkers.
• Along the way, local people welcome the guests and provide food and accommodations services to the trekkers. In return the guests pay for food and accommodation directly them. In this way 100% of the income generated goes directly to the local people.
MAST Clients
• MAST appeals to socially conscious and budget minded travelers who are looking for an alternative tourism experience, willing to travel in a sustainable way, ready to observe and study the local people's ways of life and traditions and flexible enough to adapt the local standards.
• They seek responsible interaction with the local host families, stay in local accommodations like tea houses or home stays, consume local food like Daal Bhat, use local bathrooms.
• They can buy collect local products as souvenirs. They use local manpower for guide and porters etc and create employment among local community.
• They visit local schools, orphanages, health institutions, and monasteries, in the area and do some volunteering as they like
MAST Provides tourism awareness, hygienic training to the local tea houses /home stay owners from time to time. The guests have their own ability to design their own trekking itinerary with the help of MAST Company Managing Director.

I wonder whether you would consider helping us by spreading the message to your friends, relatives and workmates.

Thank you
Tejanath Pokharel