Happy NEW year Mr. Mukasa and welcome to the Sewage slum village.

Feel highly welcome in our village. Visitors are a blessing.We are very happy to have you as our new year blessing. Get to know more about our project, our other neghbours, what we do,what we have done and what we plan to do this year and in future.
Thanks a lot for the good work you are doing finding SOLACE for the needy and giving them hope. For sure there is no safety in future if the poor children have no hope. The good work you are doing will go a long way in ensuring that our societies live in harmony.
I believe that there is so much we can share to improve our communities.
We can share solutions to common problems, ideas, links to organizations that may help and others.
Thank you.
Josephat Nyagwaya M.
Grapevine Community School.
Sewage Slum-Njiru.