Welcome to our updates on usage of the funds raised during our last on line fund raising, our next plans and the challenges we are undergoing

Here is a link to follow up on our progress of the funds raised.Click on this link to see more
The heavy rains have caused havoc. All our classes were made unusable. With the help of the community members and the youth, we were able to repair the most affected class. Despite that excess water could still overflow into the classrooms.Thanks for it has not rained for the last 3 days now.We repaired the rest of the classes with murram.
For us to continue moving forward we have planned another fund raising. I will update you on the same. Kindly pass this to your friends, relatives, workmates and others who may help.
It will start in late August and run till 30/Sept/2012.
Thank you and be blessed.
Josephat Nyagwaya Marwanga.
Grapevine Community School.
Nairobi -Kenya.


I suggest that you make floors out of soil-cement. Remove any topsoil from the floor area. Use only sub-soil [no organic matter] and mix into the floor soil 6-10% of cement. Say, top 4 inches. Go on the internet for instructions or your country's appropriate technology group.

Wet the soil-cement and pack hard. When it dries, it will look like any concrete floor. Will last for decades. Purchase a soil-cement brick machine for making building brick.

Ken H


Dear Ken,
Thanks a lot for your advice. Hope that it will help us very much in our next plans.
You have always given us very useful information. As I start using some of it I will keep you informed and appreciate you.
Be blessed.
Josephat Nyagwaya.
Grapevine Community School.