We have moved our School about 200Metres away from our previous LOCATION with all the children due to various reasons.This is probably going to be our permanent LOCATION.

Lack of adequate room for expansion, enough space for children to play has been a great challenge. In the recent past, children have been knocked down by motorbikes and sustained injuries.The moving vehicles motorcycles and bicycles are a big threat to the safety of our children. We have relocated to a nearby place where the safety of our children is assured to higher degree than our previous position.There is room for expansion and a possibility of settling there permanently..
The road here is closed at one end hence not used. Besides this, we have requested the owners of a playground in the neighborhood to allow the children to play from there.However there are some challenges such as ONE toilet being used by children and staff, lack of enough desks due to the surge in the number of children.
Children in some classes are using stones as chairs to seat on and their knees as tables- read and write with books on their knees.
Members of the community contributed some desks but still, they are not ENOUGH. we are in need of 25 more desks.
Despite this challenges we are now about to transplant our seedlings in the green house. We shall do this by next week. The tomato seedlings are healthy and growing vigorously. Hope that this green house project will enable us solve some fundamental problems once and for all. Therefore we are currently in URGENT NEED of help for DESKS. If you can support or link US to somebody or an organization that can support, we shall be very grateful.
Thank you very much.
Josephat Nyagwaya,
Grapevine Hope Centre.
Nairobi -Kenya.


Make composting toilets. Can be inside the building.

Ken hargesheimer